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Hydrawise App: Your Zones
Your zones are displayed on the home page of the app. You can instantly know the zone count, the zone number, and the name. You can view the picture and
Hydrawise App: Add a Zone
How to add a zone, Hunter solenoid valve, to your Hydrawise system. The Hunter solenoid valve must be connected to your controller using the COM &
Hydrawise App: Controller Offline Notification
If you find a notification message on your app., "Controller is offline. Last connected 1 day ago.", follow these steps to get it back online.
Hydrawise App: Add a Basic Program, Time Based
How to set up a "Time Based" program in the Hydrawise app, which is ideal for flower and vegetable gardens, turf areas, and other locations with shallow
Hydrawise App: Add a Program, Virtual Solar Sync
"Virtual Solar Sync" uses a combination of forecast (forecasting) and local weather history to calculate the correct duration of watering. Hydrawise
Hydrawise App: Business Profile and Details
As a contractor, it is important to keep your business details up-to-date in your Hydrawise app. This will allow customers to find you through their
Hydrawise App: Changing Watering Duration
Changing the watering duration on a zone is sometimes needed to fine-tune your irrigation system based on seasonal or weather changes. While Hydrawise
Hydrawise App: Set up a Hunter HC Flow Meter
Hunter HC Flow Meters are a type of sensor that monitors the flow of water through your irrigation system to account for water usage and detect damage
Hydrawise App: Set up a Rain Sensor
Adding a Hunter Rain Sensor to your irrigation system will stop your irrigation while it is raining and prevent future irrigation if the recent rainfall
Hydrawise App: Delete Controller
For situations where you might be preparing to leave your house, leaving the controller behind, it's important to make sure the new owner can access
Hydrawise App: Controller Events Log
Controller Events is the Hydrawise timestamp or log for all controller activity. It provides a detailed description of all actions including manual
Hydrawise App: Weather Forecast and Observations
Forecast and Observations will show you all your weather information, providing a forecast for today and the next six days, using highly accurate
Hydrawise App: Menu Navigation
In this video, we will identify the different parts of the menu to better assist in your navigation through the app.
Hydrawise App: Suspend Zone
Suspending zones stops irrigation on that part of the system temporarily, with an automatic return to irrigation on a date you choose. This is helpful
Hydrawise App: Add or Renew Subscription Plan
The Hydrawise irrigation system is made free for users worldwide. But for customers who want to further optimize their system, or provide management
Hydrawise App: Turn Controller Off
Turning a controller off from the app stops all scheduled watering and prevents any irrigation from occurring until it is turned back on in the app
Hydrawise App: Your Notifications
A program will show you when, where, and how long to water. It's helpful to break up your watering into different programs that water similar types of
Centralus: Creating a Hunter Account, Setup Process
Centralus: Irrigation Management Platform for ICC2 Controllers You must have a valid Hunter account to continue to Centralus, so let’s take a minute to
X-Core® Rain-Clik® not turning off sprinklers
Rain Clik - Rain Sensor Not Turning Off the Sprinklers You can manually test proper operation of the rain sensor by using the One Touch Manual Start
X-Core® Station Repeats
X-Core - Station Repeats A common reason for a controller to repeat a cycle is too many programmed start times. Only one start time per active program
X-Core® system OFF
X-Core - System Off The X-Core controller will not water manually or automatically with the dial in the system off position. Valves currently watering
Pro-C® SP ERR Message
SP ERR or ERR Message CAUSE - Noise entering the controller through the “SmartPort” wiring or it is wired incorrectly. SOLUTION - A few steps are
Pro-C® Station Repeats
Pro-C - Station Repeats A common reason for a controller to repeat a cycle is too many programmed start times. Only one start time per active program is
X-Core No AC Message
X-Core - "NO AC" on Display The "NO AC" display is a diagnostic message telling you that the controller has stopped receiving AC power. The controller