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Pro-C Not Recognizing Stations
Pro-C - Not Recognizing Correct Stations If your Pro-C controller is not recognizing all of your stations in the "Set Station Run Times" or "Run Times"
Winterizing a Hunter Irrigation Controller
Outdoor mounted controllers: Leave the power on and the dial / switch in the "OFF" position. The heat from the transformer will keep the enclosure warm
Hydrawise: How to add a customer to a contractor account
In this video, we are going to show you how to add a customer to your Hydrawise contractor account. You will need your customer’s email address to get
Hydrawise Software Update. Release date Feb.24 2019
Hydrawise Software Update. Release date Feb.24 2019
HUNTER EZ DECODER SYSTEM: How to Configure EZ Decoders for HCC and ICC2 Controllers
To program an EZ-1 decoder, start by installing the EZDM into any station output slot within an ICC2 or HCC chassis (with the power off). Once installed
Adding Hydrawise to Amazon Alexa app
This video shows how to add Hydrawise as a skill to the Amazon Alexa app for home automation of your irrigation system. The world’s most popular
Pro-C Solar Sync: 03, Delay
Pro-C Solar Sync: 02, Setup
Pro-C Solar Sync: 01, Installation
Pro-C Advanced: 01, Programmable Sensor Override
Pro-C Advanced: 02, Delay Between Stations
Pro-C Advanced: 03, Cycle Soak
Pro-C Advanced: 04, Program Customization
Pro-C Advanced: 05, Programmable Rain Off
Pro-C Advanced: 06, Quick Check
Pro-C Advanced: 07, Easy Retrieve
Pro-C Advanced: 08, Resetting Memory
Pro-C Advanced: 09, Creating Lighting Programs
Pro-C Basic: 01, Setting Date and Time
Pro-C Basic: 02, Setting Start Time
Pro-C Basic: 03, Run Time
Pro-C Basic: 04, Pro C Water Days
Pro-C Basic: 05, Interval Watering
Pro-C Basic: 06, Odd Even Days