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Sports Turf Irrigation Tips and Tricks
Hunter Industries presents a webinar on Sports Turf Irrigation Tips and Tricks
Hunter Pilot Command Center Software
Hunter Pilot Command Center Software: Next generation irrigation management.
What's New in Irrigation, 2021
Hunter Industries presents a webinar on What's New in Irrigation for 2021.
HUNTER EZ Decoder Diagnostic Tool
HUNTER EZ Decoder Diagnostic Tool: Handheld, wireless diagnostic tool for EZ Decoder System
TTS-800 Series Golf Rotors Product Guide
TTS-800 Series golf rotors from Hunter Industries integrate advanced technology with unrivaled power, reliability, and performance to simplify
Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility
Every day at Hunter Industries, we strive to conduct business with our core value of Social Responsibility in mind. The entire family of Hunter
SiteRec and My List from Hunter and FX Luminaire
Hunter’s SiteRec app helps you close sales faster, while the online My List tool lets you create materials lists quickly, efficiently, and accurately
The Presenter App from Hunter Industries
With the Presenter App from Hunter Industries, you have a simple to use, always current presentation tool to sell Hunter and FX Luminaire products.
Open The Flood Gates : A Deep Dive Into Control Valves
00:00 - Introductions 02:25 – Valve Product Offering 10:00 – Parts and Components of Vales 16:18 – How Valves Work 29:12 – Valve Troubleshooting 39:11 –
Hydrawise Startup for Homeowner
Here is an easy overview and walk-though of setting up your Hydrawise controller using your app.
Responsible Irrigation Practices to Support a Sustainable Landscape
00:00 - Introduction 03:57 - Role of Water in Sustainable Landscapes 13:33 – How to Supprt Sustainable Landscape Practices Through Irrigation Design
Hydrawise 10min Setup
Setup your Hydrawise account in 10 minutes. In this video, our sales and training team simulate helping a customer to get up and running with setting up
EZ Decoder System: The Simple Two-wire Solution
00:00 – Introduction to The Webinar 02:59 – The Why 04:58 – Conventional Wiring vs. Two-Wire Systems 13:16 – EZ Decoder System Overview 19:45 – Decoder
Rotors Explained – Rotors for Every Irrigation Application
00:00 – Intro 00:23 – Presenter Introductions 02:01 – Hunter/Rotor History 02:44 – Residential System Overview 03:10 – How Do Rotors Work 04:04 –
Proper Wire Connections The Most Underrated Player on The Team
00:00 – Webinar Intro 02:28 – The Why 05:11 – Three Pillars/Rules of a Good Connection 08:02 – Lighting Compliance Requirements 09:14 – Irrigation Wire
Flow Management vs Flow Monitoring
00:00 – Webinar Kickoff 02:26 – Brief Overview of ACC2 08:45 – Defining Flow Management and Flow Monitoring 09:41 – Flow Management 19:01 – Flow
Hydrawise Insights from the field, Session 2
00:00 – Webinar Introduciton 02:08 – Webinar Agenda 03:50 – Account Creation 07:41 – Add and Remove Users 10:59 – Customer Wide Settings 29:50 –
Hunter Industries Micro Irrigation is Micro Tough!
Are you concerned about wasting water? Do you want to keep costs down? Hunter has your back with a complete line of the highest quality and most
Hydrawise First Install: Hardware Install and Programming
01:12 – Presentation Overview 02:57 – Hardware selection 03:31 – Home automation 07:30 – Network requirements 10:00 – Connection to wireless network 17
10 things maintenance wants designers to know
04:00 – Agenda 07:29 – Construction Administration & Irrigation Audits 10:57 – As-Builts & Controller Charts 16:38 – Hydro Zoning and Plant Selection 23
Feeling the Pressure – Reasons and Methods to Regulate
04:28 – Agenda 05:55 – What is a pressure regulator 08:03 – The Benefits of pressure regulation 13:11 – Pressure regulators for landscape Irrigation 19
X2 and WAND Insights from the field
01:52 – Hydrawise review 09:00 – Hydrawise 2020 including X2 12:00 – X2 and WAND Introduction 14:30 – Key Features 15:57 – Advanced Benefits 19:28 –
Hunter Industries Factory Tour
Hello, and welcome to Hunter Industries! We’re happy you can join us for a virtual tour. Since our founding in 1981, we have dedicated ourselves to
Digital Marketing - Digital Tools and Tactics
Digital Marketing - Digital Tools and Tactics 3:43 - Overview of Presentation 6:31 - Managing Your Digital Profile 14:07 - Social Media Marketing 36:56