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Hunter IIF Training: Mainline and Laterals
Today our use of water pipelines is one of the most important parts to every irrigation system. We call the network of piping in the ground for these
Hunter IIF Training: Pop-up Sprinkler installation

One of the first and most important things to consider and remember when you're installing overhead irrigation like a spray head or an MP rotator is

Hunter IIF Training: Valve and Wiring Installation

In this video we will show you how to install valves and how to wire them up to the controller. Water flows through the Lateral Lines to irrigate a zone

Hunter IIF Training: Flow Meter Installation

The installation of a flow sensor can help you prevent water waste in your system by monitoring water use during and after irrigation run cycles. Let’s

Hunter IIF Training: Irrigation System Winterization

In this video, we will walk through the winterization process of an irrigation system. This procedure is performed in seasonal or cold weather climates

Hunter IIF Training: Controller Installation and Programming

This video is all about control. The irrigation controller is the brain of the irrigation system. It is programmed to complete the function of

Hunter Product Highlights 2022
Hunter Industries 40-year anniversary
Deborah Hamlin of the Irrigation Association interviews Greg Hunter about Hunter Industries 40-year anniversary.
XC Hybrid Controller Basic Programming
This is an overview of the basic programming for the XC Hybrid Controller from Hunter Industries. 0:00 - Overview 1:15 - Date and Time 2:48 -
Focus on Design: Sustainability
Handbook of Technical Irrigation Information
Hunter provides resources to help create well-functioning irrigation systems while maximizing design-time efficiency. Reference this handbook here
Root Zone Watering System
Deliver water across all levels of the root zone for high-efficiency subsurface irrigation of trees and shrubs. Patented StrataRoot™ baffles divert
Focus on Design: Hunter University
Hunter Industries provides free online education resources for designers and specifiers. Learn how to grow your professional knowledge and earn CEU’s.
Hydrawise Irrigation Management Platform: Compatible Controllers, Flow Meters, and Decoders
The powerful and flexible Hydrawise Irrigation Management Platform from Hunter Industries allows for convenient, professional multi-site management and
Hunter Industries Irrigation Controller Recycling Program
Every day at Hunter Industries, we strive to conduct business with our core value of Social Responsibility in mind. We firmly believe that recycling
Hunter ¾” Inlet Rotors
Hunter has a full range of rotors for any application. They are supplied with a full range of nozzles and have an extremely low warranty rate. In this
Wireless HC Flow Meter Product Guide
Never tunnel under or cut through a sidewalk to install a flow sensor again! Designed for simple integration with the Hydrawise® Irrigation Management
Wireless HC Flow Meter
Never tunnel under or cut through a sidewalk to install a flow sensor again! Designed for simple integration with the Hydrawise® Irrigation Management
New WAND Bluetooth Features that Improve the X2 Controller Installation Experience
In this Counter Buzz video, the product manager for the WAND and X2 Controller explains the new features and enhancements that you will want to know
Battery Operated Controllers provide irrigation solutions
Hunter Industries Battery Operated Controllers provide irrigation solutions for many situations and can do just about everything a standard AC
NODE-BT Irrigation Controller with SC-PROBE Soil Moisture Sensor
In this video, you will learn how to install, connect, set up, and program soil moisture sensor with a NODE-BT irrigation controller. The SC-Probe is a
ST-1600-KIT Synthetic Turf Irrigation Solution Product Guide
The Hunter ST-1600-KIT irrigation system is designed for the specific needs of synthetic turf sports fields. Featuring long-range irrigation sprinklers
Hunter Golf Rotor Wire Splicing
This video goes over several methods of splicing wires for the Hunter Golf TTS-800 series rotor. 0:00 - Intro 0:35 - Traditional Wire Splicing 5:45 -
Sports Turf Irrigation Solutions
Hunter Industries presents a webinar on Sports Turf Irrigation Solutions