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Locating Irrigation Wires and Valves with a Wire/Valve Locator
We’ll show how to set up a typical wire and valve locator, how to locate a valve, track and mark the wire location to aid in troubleshooting wiring
Locating Wiring & Connection Defects Using a Ground Fault Locator
Once you’ve determined that the controller and valve are working properly, you need to take a closer look at the wiring to determine where the problem
Grounding and Ground Testing for Irrigation Systems
In this video, we’ll cover typical grounding specifications; two-wire decoder system grounding; Hunter ICD decoder grounding; using the Dual-S surge
Troubleshooting Irrigation Systems with a Pro50K or a Station Master Pro
When you are looking for a bad wire, testing a solenoid's health, or testing the power output from an irrigation controller, it is essential to have the
Multimeter Basics: Troubleshooting an irrigation system using a Multimeter
We’ll be going over the basic functions of a voltmeter and how you can use it in locating problems within your irrigation system. We’ll be talking about
Synthetic Turf Irrigation ST-1600-KIT Installation and Assembly
In this video, we’ll show you how to assemble and install a Hunter ST-1600 Synthetic Turf Irrigation Kit. This all-in-one irrigation system is designed
Hunter FS 3000 and FS 1000 Webinar
Field servers for BACnet, Modbus, RESTful API, and over 120 other protocols for use with SCADA, Smart City, and BMS integrations. The Hunter FS-3000
Focus on Design: EPA WaterSense® Labeled Homes Program
The EPA WaterSense® Labeled Homes Program guides design and management practices to ensure water use efficiency. Join us as we speak with Environmental
Focus on Design: Remote Control Valve Design Practices
Remote control valves are crucial components of an irrigation system, yet they are often misunderstood. Join us as Jake Lott from LandFX discusses some
HUNTER INDUSTRIES: The Builder's Choice
Hunter Industries is the leading global manufacturer of best-in-class irrigation products for residential and commercial applications. From the most
Eco-Indicator: Confirms Micro Irrigation System Operation from a Distance
With the innovative Eco-Indicator from Hunter Industries, micro irrigation systems have a visual indicator that can be seen from a distance to confirm
HUNTER X2 Controller: WAND Bluetooth Remote Control
In this video, we’ll show you how to use your smartphone like a Hunter ROAM Remote to remotely run stations on your X2™ Controller when Wi-Fi is not
HUNTER X2 Controller: WAND Rapid Programming
In this video, we’ll show you how to quickly copy and paste X2 Controller programming to multiple controllers. There's a better way to program
HUNTER X2 Controller: WAND Wi-Fi Tethering using Bluetooth
In this video, we’ll show you how to connect the WAND Module for X2™ Controllers to Wi-Fi using your smartphone’s Bluetooth ® function. Bluetooth Wi-Fi
Learning from the Past, Innovating for the Future: CSR at Hunter Industries
In this video, Greg Hunter, Ann Hunter-Welborn, and Warren Gororwitz discuss Hunter Industries 2022 CSR initiatives.
Hunter Synthetic Turf Irrigation ST-KIT Sports Field Site Study in Phoenix, Arizona
Irrigation professional Dick Roberts of DTR Landscape Development shares his thoughts on the Hunter ST-KIT system. Watch to see several new Hunter ST
Hunter Product Specialist & Irrigation Installation Fundamentals Programs in Spanish
Hunter training is available in Spanish and in this video, Raquel will discuss Hunter training programs, courses and certificates offered that are
Focus on Design: Tree Irrigation Challenges and Solutions
Trees are by far the most valuable assets in any landscape, although providing sufficient irrigation over a tree’s lifespan can be a challenge. Join us
Hunter Irrigation Installation Fundamentals Training

Hunter Industries created a new training series consisting of over 10 videos all about Irrigation Installation Fundamentals. in this Counter Buzz video

Irrigation Valve Installation from Mainline to Lateral Lines with Commentary
Irrigation Valve Installation from Mainline to Lateral Lines with Commentary This video shows a full irrigation valve manifold installation using Hunter
Hunter Industries 40th Anniversary Celebration
We are so thankful to mark four decades of innovation, collaboration, and partnership with our customers around the globe. As a leading provider of
Hunter IIF Training: Irrigation System Overview

In this video, we will discuss the key components of an irrigation system, covering everything from water sources to the products and components that

Hunter IIF Training: Tools and Construction Preparation

in this video, we look at a typical work truck setup and what a typical day is like for an irrigation professional. (2 of 11 in series)

Hunter IIF Training: Site Inspection

Starting on a new project can be both exciting, and nerve-racking. Exciting because every new installation is an adventure in problem solving, and nerve