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Hunter ST-1600 Rotor Maintenance
When taken out of the box, the Hunter ST-1600 Rotor will be able to make a complete 180-degree sweep in 80 seconds at 90 PSI (6.2 bar; 620 kPa). In this
Synthetic Turf Irrigation ST-1600-KIT Installation and Assembly
In this video, we’ll show you how to assemble and install a Hunter ST-1600 Synthetic Turf Irrigation Kit. This all-in-one irrigation system is designed
Hunter Synthetic Turf Irrigation ST-KIT Sports Field Site Study in Phoenix, Arizona
Irrigation professional Dick Roberts of DTR Landscape Development shares his thoughts on the Hunter ST-KIT system. Watch to see several new Hunter ST
ST-1600-KIT Synthetic Turf Irrigation Solution Product Guide
The Hunter ST-1600-KIT irrigation system is designed for the specific needs of synthetic turf sports fields. Featuring long-range irrigation sprinklers