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Pro-C® P2C-400 Controller: Basic Programming
In this video, we’ll show you how to complete a basic program for the Pro-C® P2C-400 Controller. The Pro-C Controller can control up to 32 total
Pro-C® P2C-400 Controller: Advanced Programming
In this video, we’ll talk about the advanced functions included with the Pro-C® Controller. Most of these functions are hidden under various dial
Pro-C® P2C-400 Controller: Installing Modules and Connecting Wires
In this video, you’ll learn how to prepare a Hunter Pro-C® P2C-400 Controller for operation. The Pro-C is a modular controller that allows for expansion
Pro-C® P2C-400 Controller: Solar Sync Sensor Installation and Setup
In this video, you’ll learn how to connect and set up a Solar Sync® Sensor on a Pro-C® P2C-400 Controller. Follow along to learn how to install the
Pro-C® P2C-400 Controller: Hunter Clik Weather Sensor Installation and Manual Sensor Bypass
In this video, you’ll learn how to connect a Hunter Clik Sensor to a Pro-C ® P2C-400 Controller.
Pro-C® P2C-400 Controller: Controller Components
The Pro-C® P2C-400 Controller includes simplified programming and flexible station expansion, making it a great choice for residential and light
Pro-C® P2C-400 Controller: Controller Programming Concepts
If you’re new to irrigation controllers, it’s important to understand the terms used before you attempt to create a watering program. In this video, we
Locating Irrigation Wires and Valves with a Wire/Valve Locator
We’ll show how to set up a typical wire and valve locator, how to locate a valve, track and mark the wire location to aid in troubleshooting wiring
Locating Wiring & Connection Defects Using a Ground Fault Locator
Once you’ve determined that the controller and valve are working properly, you need to take a closer look at the wiring to determine where the problem
Grounding and Ground Testing for Irrigation Systems
In this video, we’ll cover typical grounding specifications; two-wire decoder system grounding; Hunter ICD decoder grounding; using the Dual-S surge
Troubleshooting Irrigation Systems with a Pro50K or a Station Master Pro
When you are looking for a bad wire, testing a solenoid's health, or testing the power output from an irrigation controller, it is essential to have the
Multimeter Basics: Troubleshooting an irrigation system using a Multimeter
We’ll be going over the basic functions of a voltmeter and how you can use it in locating problems within your irrigation system. We’ll be talking about
Pro-C® SP ERR Message
SP ERR or ERR Message CAUSE - Noise entering the controller through the “SmartPort” wiring or it is wired incorrectly. SOLUTION - A few steps are
Pro-C® Station Repeats
Pro-C - Station Repeats A common reason for a controller to repeat a cycle is too many programmed start times. Only one start time per active program is
Pro-C Station ERR Messages
Station # ERR Message CAUSE - The Station # ERR (for example 1 ERR) is a diagnostic message that appears when your controller is detecting a fault on
Pro-C No AC Message
Pro-C - "NO AC" on Display The "NO AC" display is a diagnostic message telling you that the controller has stopped receiving AC power. The controller is
Pro-C No Display
Pro-C - No Display First, make sure there is power to the controller's outlet. Use a test lamp or any other 110VAC device to determine if there is
Pro-C No Zones Running
Pro-C - Flashing Sprinkler Icon, No Zones Running If the controller display shows a station running, flashing sprinkler icon, or arrow pointing towards
Pro-C Not Recognizing Stations
Pro-C - Not Recognizing Correct Stations If your Pro-C controller is not recognizing all of your stations in the "Set Station Run Times" or "Run Times"
Winterizing a Hunter Irrigation Controller
Outdoor mounted controllers: Leave the power on and the dial / switch in the "OFF" position. The heat from the transformer will keep the enclosure warm
Pro-C Solar Sync: 03, Delay
Pro-C Solar Sync: 02, Setup
Pro-C Solar Sync: 01, Installation
Pro-C Advanced: 01, Programmable Sensor Override