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Locating Irrigation Wires and Valves with a Wire/Valve Locator
We’ll show how to set up a typical wire and valve locator, how to locate a valve, track and mark the wire location to aid in troubleshooting wiring
Locating Wiring & Connection Defects Using a Ground Fault Locator
Once you’ve determined that the controller and valve are working properly, you need to take a closer look at the wiring to determine where the problem
Grounding and Ground Testing for Irrigation Systems
In this video, we’ll cover typical grounding specifications; two-wire decoder system grounding; Hunter ICD decoder grounding; using the Dual-S surge
Troubleshooting Irrigation Systems with a Pro50K or a Station Master Pro
When you are looking for a bad wire, testing a solenoid's health, or testing the power output from an irrigation controller, it is essential to have the
Multimeter Basics: Troubleshooting an irrigation system using a Multimeter
We’ll be going over the basic functions of a voltmeter and how you can use it in locating problems within your irrigation system. We’ll be talking about
HUNTER X2 Controller: WAND Bluetooth Remote Control
In this video, we’ll show you how to use your smartphone like a Hunter ROAM Remote to remotely run stations on your X2™ Controller when Wi-Fi is not
HUNTER X2 Controller: WAND Rapid Programming
In this video, we’ll show you how to quickly copy and paste X2 Controller programming to multiple controllers. There's a better way to program
HUNTER X2 Controller: WAND Wi-Fi Tethering using Bluetooth
In this video, we’ll show you how to connect the WAND Module for X2™ Controllers to Wi-Fi using your smartphone’s Bluetooth ® function. Bluetooth Wi-Fi
Hydrawise Irrigation Management Platform: Compatible Controllers, Flow Meters, and Decoders
The powerful and flexible Hydrawise Irrigation Management Platform from Hunter Industries allows for convenient, professional multi-site management and
New WAND Bluetooth Features that Improve the X2 Controller Installation Experience
In this Counter Buzz video, the product manager for the WAND and X2 Controller explains the new features and enhancements that you will want to know
X2 and WAND Insights from the field
01:52 – Hydrawise review 09:00 – Hydrawise 2020 including X2 12:00 – X2 and WAND Introduction 14:30 – Key Features 15:57 – Advanced Benefits 19:28 –
X2 WAND Wi-Fi Module Troubleshooting
In this video, we will show you how to troubleshoot your WAND Wi-Fi module to successfully connect your X2 controller to the internet.
X2 Irrigation Controller: Connecting to Wi-Fi
Connect your X2 controller to the internet using the WAND Wi-Fi module. 0:40 - WAND OVERVIEW AND BENEFITS. 1:10 - CHECKING YOUR WI-FI SIGNAL. 1:55 -
X2 Standalone Control vs WI-FI to Hydrawise with the WAND module
In this video, you will learn how X2 works as a standalone controller without Wi-Fi. You will also learn how the WAND Wi-Fi module gives X2 new
X2 Irrigation Controller, Setting Up Hide Programs
In this short video, you will learn how to hide programs on your X2 controller. The X2 is factory configured with 3 independent programs (A, B, C with
X2 Irrigation Controller, Programming at the Facepack
This video provides an overview of basic offline programming with your X2 controller. In addition to reviewing terminology and explaining programs, we
X2 Irrigation Controller Manual Operation
In this video, we will show you how to manually start irrigation on your X2 controller. We will cover the manual run, manual program, and test all
X2 Irrigation Controller: Adding a Rain Sensor
In this video, you will learn how to add a rain sensor to your X2 controller. You can add a rain sensor such as a Hunter Mini-Clik or Rain-Clik to your
X2 Irrigation Controller Advanced Offline Program Features Overview
The X2 irrigation controller has many advanced features making it a very robust controller for many irrigation needs. This video provides an overview of
X2 WI-Fi-Enabled Irrigation Controller with Hydrawise
With the next-generation X2 controller from Hunter Industries, you don’t have to choose between Wi-Fi and dial-based management. X2 lets you keep your