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Preparing your work truck for Hunter valve troubleshooting and replacement
Having everything you need on hand to effectively troubleshoot and fix valve issues in the field can save you both time and money. In this video, we’ll
How to Replace a Manual Zone Valve and Add a Hunter NODE-BT Bluetooth® Battery-Operated Controller
In this video, we’ll show you how to replace a manual zone valve and add a Hunter NODE-BT Bluetooth® Battery-Operated Controller. Converting an old
How to Replace an Old or Obsolete Irrigation Valve That is Not Working
In this video, we’ll show you how to replace a valve that is not working or needs updating with a new Hunter PGV Valve. It’s common to receive a service
Repairing an irrigation valve by replacing the interior components
Damaged or worn interior valve components can lead to failure. Depending on the issue, you may not need to cut out and replace the entire valve. Let’s
Troubleshooting a slow closing irrigation control valve
The speed at which a valve closes can be deceiving. When you’re in a hurry to see a result, a few seconds can seem much longer than they actually are
Troubleshooting a leaking irrigation control valve
An irrigation valve that leaks can be a huge water-waster. Slow leaks can be especially problematic because they’re often hard to spot.
Troubleshooting an Irrigation Valve That Won't Turn Off
An irrigation valve that won’t close can quickly cause major problems like overwatering, flooding, runoff to adjacent properties, and water waste. It’s
Troubleshooting an Irrigation Valve That Won't Turn On
Irrigation valves are complex products that can be intimidating to install and maintain. When a valve isn’t turning on as expected, it’s a concern for
How to Install and Adjust the Accu Sync® Pressure Regulator
In this video, we will show you how to install and adjust an Accu Sync® Pressure Regulator. Pressure regulation at the valve maximizes irrigation
Tuning an Irrigation Valve Using Flow Control
Tuning an Irrigation Valve Using Flow Control Like any car, boat, or motorcycle, valves require periodic tune-ups to perform at their best. It’s easy to
Understanding How an Irrigation Control Valve with Filter Sentry® Works, ICV
Day in and day out, irrigation valves operate in tough conditions. The Filter Sentry® Mechanism is a critical feature available to optimize the
Understanding How a PGV Irrigation Control Valve Works, PGV-101G
External Components of a Valve Internal Components of a Valve What keeps a valve closed? What causes a valve to open? What happens to cause an open
Hands-on valve parts ID and reassembly PGV-101, PGV-151, ICV-201
In this video, we’ll identify the parts that make up three of Hunter’s most popular irrigation valves — and then reassemble each one to better
Hunter Wireless Valve Link: Basic Troubleshooting (Beeping, etc.) (12 of 12)
This video explains how the WVL, the WVOM and the Repeater communicate, how to use the WVL App to test and remedy issues, and explains solutions to
Hunter Wireless Valve Link: Repeater (RPT, RPT-E) (10 of 12)
The Repeater is a simple but powerful device that can double the coverage area and help clear obstacles that might otherwise block radio signals. It
Hunter Wireless Valve Link: Solar Panel Kit (SP-WVL) (11 of 12)
Hunter Wireless Valve Link: Adding and Programming WVLs (3 of 12)
Easily add and program Wireless Valve Links to your Wireless Valve Module with a few steps on the Wireless Valve System App on your smartphone. Wireless
Hunter Wireless Valve Link: WVL Field Installation (7 of 12)
In this video, learn how to install the Hunter Wireless Valve Link. A simple way to install the Wireless Valve Link is to install it in its own separate
Hunter Wireless Valve Link: Solenoid Wiring (8 of 12)
Once a WVL is installed properly, you can connect the solenoid wiring to the DC-Latching Solenoid. Connect each numbered red output wires to the correct
Hunter Wireless Valve Link: Antenna Extension Kit (ANT-EXT-KIT) (9 of 12)
The Antenna Extension Kit can improve coverage distance in any installation. The kit can also help overcome future obstructions such as sheds, vehicles
Hunter Wireless Valve Link: Firmware Updates (5 of 12)
In some cases, the app may prompt you to download firmware updates. Some updates are only for the Wireless Valve Output Module, but some may also be for
Hunter Wireless Valve Link: Edit (Change) WVL Station Assignments (6 of 12)
To edit station assignments in an existing Wireless Valve Link that have already been assigned, you don’t need to re-enter Assignment Mode. Just go to
Hunter Wireless Valve Link: Install the App and the WVOM (2 of 12)
The first step when installing a Hunter WVL is to download the app on an iOS® or Android® device. You will need the app for programming the WVLs on all
Hunter Wireless Valve Link: Site Survey Mode (4 of 12)
The Site Survey Mode can be used to test radio reception at a proposed valve box location before you complete the final installation. You can use a