ACC2 - Learn Flow

LEARNING FLOW is an important step in the Flow Monitor setup (unless the MainSafe™ option is enabled) process.

  • Flow learning will only test stations that already have a Run Time in a program.
  • Flow learning will cancel all other irrigation, automatic and manual until the learning is complete. 
  • Flow cannot be learned while other stations are running for other reasons.

From the HOME Menu, select the lower right soft key to view the MAIN MENU.


Turn the scroll wheel to the right to view the FLOW menu. Press wheel once and scroll to select the LEARN FLOW option. The screen will show the status of the last learn flow attempt if there was one.


Press the soft key for REPORTS to verify that stations are ready to learn. This will show how many flow sensors are configured with run times, and how many already have flow rate data.


If all stations have run times, press the LEARN soft key.  Select YES to start the process. The controller will begin starting stations, one at a time, for up to 5 minutes each, plus the delay time set for the station to learn the flow. If flow stabilizes sooner, the controller will move to the next station without running the full 5 minutes.


It is possible to set the controller to Learn Flow automatically at a later time and date. Remember that flow learning will cancel any other automatic irrigation, so choose a time and date that are not conflicting with critical irrigation. If desired, select the soft key SCHEDULE.

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