ACC2 Decoder - Wiring and Tips

Each decoder output module is equipped with diagnostic LED lights. Each light is labeled on the deck lid.



Wire tie holders are molded into the lower back of the wiring compartment to secure field wiring with plastic zip ties. This provides a strain relief to keep field wires from pulling downward on the modules, and keeps the inside neat and organized.

Additional wire tie holders are provided near the Power Supply Board for sensor and other connections.



The transformer uses a replaceable 5 x 20 mm electrical fuse, located next to the convenient on/off switch. Two spare fuses are stored in the bottom rear of the facepack frame, under the sticker labeled "Spare Fuse."

Replacement fuses are a standard glass body 5 x 20 mm 250V, 2A fast blow, available online or from electronic appliance retailers and hardware stores.



A2C-F3 flow expansion modules add three additional hardwired flow inputs to the controller. These modules may only be added to the lower right module slot, one per controller, and it is the only module that will fit in this slot.

The flow expansion module has DC voltage and polarity, and the + (or red) connection from the flow sensor must be connected correctly to the + (positive) terminals on the module. Finish flow expansion in the Devices, Flow Sensors menu after installing the module.

ACC2 Decoder controllers may also read up to six flow sensors via the two-wire paths using ICD-SEN sensor decoders. The controller may use any combination of hardwired inputs to flow terminals, or connection by sensor decoders.

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