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How do I program Interval Days on my EC Controller?

Hunter's EC controller comes with an Interval Watering feature. This Interval feature is set under the Water Days dial position on the controller. Interval Watering is a feature that allows you to select the number of days to pass before the next watering day.

Setting Interval Watering

With this option you can select interval watering from 1 to 31 days.

  1. Turn the dial to the Water Days position.
  2. Press    button until the cursor is flashing on the day 7.
  3. With the number flashing on day 7, press the    button once more until the Icon appears (INTERVAL ICON) and a flashing 1 appear in the display.
  4. Press    the    or button to select the number of days between watering days (1 to 31).


An interval of 3 will cycle the program once every three days and proceed to water on every third day from there on out. An interval of 1 is every day and an interval of 2 will water every other day. The controller will water the selected program at the next Start Time and will then water at the interval programmed.


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