Mission and Values

Serving Our Employees, Our Community, and Our Industries is at our Core

Our mission is to deliver innovative products and services of the highest quality to the industries we serve. We will achieve this mission without compromising our core values of customer satisfaction, innovation, family, and citizenship.

Customer Satisfaction
We are dedicated to achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction from our professional customers to end-users. We will be responsible for the decisions we make, we will be respectful in every contact, and we will fulfill our commitments. All employees will treat one another with the same concern, respect, and care that they are expected to show customers.

Our tradition of quality and innovation, instilled by Edwin and Paul Hunter, is central to everything we do. We develop cutting-edge products and processes, focusing on continuous improvement and enhancements. Interdepartmental teamwork and collaboration are fundamental as we establish new standards of performance that satisfy our customers' needs.

Our legacy as an organization founded by the Hunter family is central to how we honor our position as a leader in our industry and our community. We value our employees as individuals. We encourage a balance between work and family and actively cultivate an environment of personal fulfillment and professional growth. We are committed to high ethical standards of honesty, respect, and fairness, creating trust in our dealings with each other, our customers, our suppliers, and our community.

We are committed to serving the communities, in which we live, work, and play. We take seriously our responsibility to support the efforts of our employees dedicated to improving our neighborhoods. As a global company, we will take steps to protect the planet by reducing our environmental footprint and designing more advanced methods, products, and technologies that promote the efficient use of our natural resources.