Golf Central Control Advantages

Surveyor 2 Software

Hunter Central Control Starts with Surveyor

Surveyor is easy to use and has all the features you need to reliably and automatically water your course. Runtimes can be adjusted manually or determined automatically using a weather station. Irrigation scheduling is as simple as saying what you want to do. Surveyor offers two types of water management: flow-optimized and FCP or field controller program. When flow optimized, electrical and hydraulic demand are efficiently managed to ensure your watering window is as short as possible. When you use an FCP, you have total control over when, where and for how long sprinklers run. Learn more.

Flow Graph


Surveyor uses your electrical and hydraulic data to efficiently balance sprinkler demand while maintaining flow at safe velocities. To protect your pump station and maintain optimal sprinkler uniformity, irrigation can be gradually stepped up in safe increments. The interactive color-coded flow graph shows where and how much water is used throughout the night's irrigation cycle.

Schedule Management

Managing your irrigation has never been simpler. Name your schedules for what they water. Group them by the types of turf they manage, where they are on the course, or anything you think is convenient.  If you prefer the flexibility of individual sprinkler control, Surveyor even lets you drill down to the sprinklers themselves and adjust runtimes, cycle times and more.

Schedule Creation

With Surveyor, critical irrigation is not dependent upon the whims and availability of a computer or communications link where it is subject to a single point of failure. Surveyor software creates schedules then sends them to the field where controllers do the actual irrigating. Because Hunter field controllers are packed with intelligence, you can even create and edit schedules out on the course and transfer them back to Surveyor for review and editing.


Hydraulic Modeling

Extend equipment life, shorten your watering window and prevent low pressure problems which reduce uniformity and cost you money with Surveyor's easy-to-use hydraulic modeling feature. Although the setup is not required for basic irrigation, when used it unlocks the true power of individual head control by maximizing system flow at safe velocities across the entire pipe grid. A customizable library of common pipe types and characteristics uses your hydraulic map to determine the fastest, safest way to schedule each day's irrigation.

Task Scheduler

Surveyor's incredible Task Scheduler can be programmed in advance to automate tasks throughout the year. Anything from pop-up reminders of your fertilizer schedule or tournaments to downloads of schedules. Task Scheduler can be set to check the weather station, get and apply ET, monitor sensors and even suspend irrigation for important events. Best of all you don't have to be at the office to change schedules.


Printable Reports

Surveyor includes attractive, readable and printable reports that can be customized for information that matters most. See if there were any problems with field controllers and what they were. Use the Make Up Watering feature to determine which sprinklers failed to run as a result of sensor or other conditions. Then use that report to automatically water only those stations. Measure flow, keep an eye on the wind and prevent wasteful irrigation while it is raining with Surveyor's Data Retrieval Unit. Surveyor even checks with every controller to see exactly which stations are running to show them graphically on your map or list them for quick review.


Progressive water-saving and climate-sensitive automation features including weather tracking and automatic ET provide the ultimate in scientific turf management. The multi-functional weather interface displays temperature, wind speed and direction, barometric pressure, rainfall and ET. The information, which is logged for later review, is used by Surveyor to schedule irrigation runtimes by application amounts or percentages of ET. Adjustments can be targeted to the entire course, specific plant types, holes, areas and even individual sprinklers.


  • 64 programs, manual and semi-auto functions, multiple cycles, and cycle delays
  • Up to 60 stations with optional On-Off-Auto mechanical switches
  • Heavy-duty surge and lightning protection ensures long life and reliable operation


  • 6 independent automatic schedules plus manual control
  • Up to 42 stations with two solenoids per station
  • Heavy-duty surge and lightning protection ensures long life and reliable operation

AGC Decoders

  • 6 independent automatic schedules plus manual control
  • Up to 99 decoder stations with two solenoids per station for 198 total stations per controller
  • Heavy-duty surge and lightning protection ensures long life and reliable operation
  • Each decoder includes built-in surge protection and a bare copper earth ground connection. No additional surge arrestors are required

TurfWeather Station

  • Automatically calculates daily ET using the modified Penman-Montieth equation for turfgrass
  • Wireless package uses license-free, spread spectrum technology
  • Wireless systems have a range of up to 3 km range

Roam XL Remote

  • Remote control of field controllers up to 3 km
  • Designed to work with Hunter AGC through a built-in SmartPort® connection

TRNR Maintenance Radio

  • The TRNR maintenance radio gives you remote control of your VSX field controllers
  • Hunter's famous StraightTalk™ technology gives you wireless remote control of your system whether or not you have a central control
  • The radio has a range of up to 3 km

Data Retrieval Unit

  • Adds environmental sensors to Surveyor central control with VSX field controllers
  • Up to 6 sensors per DRU and 16 DRU's per system for a total of 96 sensors per system
  • Works with flow rate, wind, rain and other common sensor types