New Website Offers Enhanced Customer Support & Usability

Monday, 6 August, 2012

The new Hunter Industries metric website has officially launched. The new site is designed to give our customers easy access to our vast library of product and support information.

On the new site you’ll find a fast, user-friendly experience that lets you quickly find the features, specs, design plans, owner manuals, literature, and interactive support information you need. Through the redesign process, we were also able to ensure that all of our product descriptions, spec builders, and support materials are up-to-date. All international literature is available on our central U.S. site as well as domestic. In order to support all of our customers around the world, the site has been converted into English Metric, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. As with everything we do at Hunter, we look forward to hearing from our customers.

To make interaction with us easier, we have placed a feedback button on the right side of every page. We invite you to share your thoughts with us as you see fit.

Some of the site’s most notable improvements include:

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