Air/Vacuum Relief Valve

Prevent water hammer and system collapse by discharging air during startup and allowing air to enter during shutdown.
Uses Air Release and Vacuum Relief
Product Line
Micro Irrigation
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AVR-075 Air/Vacuum Relief Valve, ¾" MPT +
PLD-AVR Air/Vacuum Relief Valve, ½" male thread +
Air/Vacuum Relief Valve
Air/Vacuum Relief Valve
Air/Vacuum Relief Valve
User installed options

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  • UV-protected and corrosion-resistant material
  • Operating pressure range: up to 5.5 bar; 550 kPa
  • Warranty period: 2 years


The AVR offers a commercial non-corrosive solution for releasing adequate air flow at the high points of a micro irrigation system during start-up and shutdown. This helps stop water hammer and resulting system damage. The AVR will also prevent system collapse through vacuum relief.

Key Benefits

Releases air pockets without premature closure
Leak-free closure after release
Helps prevent system collapse through vacuum relief


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