How can contractors make sure the micro irrigation systems they install for large commercial projects are working properly? Install the new Hunter 30 cm Eco-Indicator!

Taller, Sturdier, and More Reliable

This expansion to the Hunter Eco-Indicator family makes it quicker and easier to verify system operation from afar. The rugged 30 cm device provides a convenient visual signal when the system is pressurised and running. Its elevated height provides a clear line of sight over tall shrubs, flowers, and grasses, reducing site inspection times. 

“Plant material tends to be taller in commercial applications, so a taller visual indicator that can be seen from afar eliminates the need to walk the grounds to check system operation. Our new 30 cm Eco-Indicator also withstands the higher operating pressures used to irrigate expansive landscapes.”

Gaurav Mathur, Micro Irrigation Product Manager, Hunter Industries

How It Works

Once the water pressure reaches 1 bar; 100 kPa, a bright yellow or reclaimed purple stem pops up. This lets contractors know the system is functioning properly. When the scheduled watering cycle ends or the pressure drops below 0.7 bar; 70 kPa, the Eco-Indicator retracts.

Check out these additional benefits:

Compatible with rigid PVC systems or any PE tubing or emitter line with appropriate connections for added durability.

Connects via bottom or side inlet ports for easy installation.

Accommodates an optional user-installed drain check valve to prevent low-head drainage for up to 3 m of elevation.

Handles operating pressures up to 7 bar; 700 kPa, offering long-term reliability for large commercial projects.

Co-moulded wiper seal made from chemical- and chlorine-resistant materials provides leak-free operation.

Twice the height of the original Eco-Indicator, the 30 cm model is also sturdier and more versatile — making it the perfect choice for large commercial projects.

The 30 cm Eco-Indicator is available now.