Introducing the New HC Wi-Fi Enabled Irrigation Controller

Hunter Industries recently completed the joining of efforts with Hydrawise of Australia. Hydrawise is an internet-based irrigation optimization software solution with Wi-Fi controllers designed for the irrigation contractor. This acquisition marks a significant step by Hunter into the internet of things space for control, management and optimization of residential and commercial landscape irrigation.

Many new and exciting products will evolve from this strategic move, bringing simplicity to irrigation control and information on water savings impact. We believe this an important step as we continue to evolve our products

to meet the growing need for water management and resource conservation. This acquisition allows Hunter to enter the Wi-Fi enabled controller market with its new HC irrigation controller. The HC offers contractors internet accessibility enabling them to efficiently manage all of their sites from anywhere they are connected.

The HC offers easy configuration using a standard web browser or smart device app. All that’s needed is a wireless password. The controller allows users to select a local weather station and set watering triggers for predictive watering adjustments. These adjustments offer significant water savings since they are made based on the local weather conditions. To learn more, click here.