Our ST-1600-HS-BR and optional ST-1600-HS-B rotors complement the ST-90 and STG-900 rotors by adding long-range capabilities. These enhanced radius rotors are perfect for football fields, where smaller radius rotors might fall a little short. They are even better for extra-wide field applications like soccer and field hockey. While the ST-1600 rotors are specifically designed for use on synthetic sports fields, they are also great for other applications such as pastures, horse arenas, zoo animal enclosures, dust control and even casual non-critical natural turf areas.

This high-speed, riser-mounted model provides rotation speeds up to 65 seconds at a 180° arc setting with 8 bar; 800 kPa operating pressure for quick wetting where dust control is needed. If desired, the rotation speed can be slowed by using the manual speed adjustment knob.