A Nozzle for Every Occasion
From the water-saving MP Rotator to standard sprays and side strip specialty nozzles, Hunter provides a solution you can trust for years on end.

 MP Strip Nozzle
 Standard MP Rotator NozzleMP Rotator MP800 NozzleMP Strip NozzlePro High-Efficiency NozzlePro Adjustable NozzlesPro Fixed Arc NozzlesStrip NozzleShort-Radius Micro Spray NozzleBubbler and Bubbler Nozzles
Nozzle TypesHigh-Efficiency RotatorHigh-Efficiency RotatorHigh-Efficiency RotatorHigh-Efficiency Adjustable SprayAdjustable SprayFixed SprayFixed SprayFixed SprayPressure-compensating bubbler
Radius2.5–10.7 m1.8–4.9 m1.5 m wide strips2.4 m - 5.2 m1.2–5.2 m1.5–5.2 m1.5 m and 2.7 m wide strips0.6 m - 1.8 mtrickle-0.46 m
Arc45°-105°, 90°-210°,
210°-270°, 360°
90°-210°, 210°-270°, 360°90°, 180°0°-360°0°-360°90°, 120°, 180°, 360°90°, 180°90°, 180°90°, 180°, 360°
Precipitation rate (square)10-11 mm/hr20-21 mm/hr13 mm/hr40-44 mm/hr39-167 mm/hr41-49 mm/hr89 mm/hr18-70 mm/hr
*without overlap
Precipitation rate (triangle)11-13 mm/hr23-24 mm/hr26 mm/hr46-51 mm/hr45-193 mm/hr45-193 mm/hr44 mm/hr18-70 mm/hr
*without overlap
Warranty3 Years3 Years3 Years2 years2 Years2 Years2 Years2 Years2 Years
Maximum Water Efficiency      
Multi-Stream, Multi-Trajectory Technology      
Matched Precipitation rate     
High Uniformity     
Debris-Resistant Double-Pop Feature      
Replaceable Filter Screen
Small Spaces  
Large Spaces        
Deep Watering