Site Profile

Landscape Application:
181.63 ft2 (16.874 m2)
Temperature Range:
72.3°F to 33.8°F (22.4° C to 1°C)
440' (134 m)
April 2021
Water-Saving Hunter Solutions Revive a Bustling Slovakia Bus Station with Next-Generation Irrigation Control and Abundant Green Areas
The Challenge

Located in the capital of Slovakia, the Bratislava Bus Station serves as a major transportation hub for both domestic and international travel. Open 24 hours a day, the convenient transit center features retail shops, fast food kiosks, waiting areas, and a restaurant. In 2021, Slovak real estate development company HB Reavis completed its renovation of the building. The bus station now features a beautiful green roof in the city center, a cozy lounge, and updated amenities for travelers to enjoy.

As part of a major urban development project, the Bratislava Bus Station underwent a complete reconstruction. The main goal was to modernize the terminal while expanding its functionality. This allowed it to integrate with the city center’s revamped shopping and office spaces. The project faced immense challenges as developers aimed to construct an energy- and water-saving system amid heavy traffic in the city’s heart. Another complication was ensuring uninterrupted bus transportation during construction.

The Solution

To address the site’s unique challenges, the developers opted to install the Hunter ACC2 Decoder Controller. Known for its high-quality components and lasting reliability, the flexible control solution brings powerful irrigation management and monitoring capabilities to the project.

To further enhance the system’s operation, developers paired the ACC2 Decoder Controller with Hunter’s PGV Valves, PGP Ultra Rotors, Pro-Spray Nozzles, and MP Rotator Nozzles. This world-class lineup delivers efficient irrigation control, enhanced water savings, and optimum performance to the multi-level, mosaic areas surrounding the bus station. With a proven track record in water conservation and durability, Hunter’s premium products deliver unmatched water-saving capabilities. They also help prevent vandalism in the bustling central area.

The Result

Integrating Hunter’s best-in-class products proved to be the perfect solution for this urban reconstruction project. The new system’s water-saving capabilities, vandal resistance, and long-lasting reliability deliver a high level of sustainability and efficiency. These factors also enhance the bus station’s aesthetic appeal with innovative features and abundant green areas that travelers from around the world can enjoy for years to come.

“The Green Roof and the whole area near Nivy Centrum serve as a demonstration of what is possible in urban heights in landscaping,” said Facility Manager Suzana Fujdiarova. “Our cooperation with partner company Aero - záhradné centrum brought us not only benefits of a conscious nature but also considerable financial savings.”

Throughout the past year, the system has performed exceptionally well with minimal issues and maintenance requirements. This success has served to highlight the reliability of Hunter products in demanding urban environments. It also showcased their ability to circumvent the unique challenges posed by high-traffic areas requiring nonstop operation.

As proof of its viability, the Green Roof at Nivy Centrum won the all-Slovak Green Roof of the Year competition in 2022. After witnessing the success of the reconstruction firsthand, both the investor and general contractor are now considering Hunter for future projects.