Centro Nacional de Golf
Madrid Madrid

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Landscape Application:
Golf Course
18 Holes
Temperature Range:
14°F to 104°F (-10°C to 40°C)
2,165' (660 m)
The Hunter Pilot® Control Network Revolutionises Irrigation Control at a Renowned Golf Course in Spain

Established by the Royal Spanish Golf Federation in 2005, Centro Nacional de Golf is a flagship golf course designed to facilitate golf training and play. Located in Madrid, the acclaimed course is best known for its innovative technologies that enhance operations. To improve irrigation efficiency, the center embarked on a transformative project involving the installation of a best-in-class Hunter control system.

The Challenge

Previously, Centro Nacional de Golf had relied on a traditional irrigation system with complex cabling and limited control capabilities. Given that the vast course hosts 25 controllers with oversight of 50 stations each, the maintenance team’s prior management methods posed significant challenges in terms of efficiency and water distribution. After the need for a more modern, flexible, and efficient alternative became increasingly evident, the team turned to Hunter Golf for a next-generation solution.

The Solution

In collaboration with leading golf supplier Green Mowers, Hunter delivered the answer to the course’s challenges in the form of the Pilot® Control Network. As the most reliable golf irrigation control system on the market, this advanced solution leverages wireless communication technology to simplify irrigation management.

A crucial component of the system is Pilot Command Center Software. This intuitive and flexible software delivers centralised control and makes daily adjustments faster than ever, saving valuable time. In addition, its flow-balancing algorithm can initiate optimal watering cycles based on the turf’s daily needs.

Following the installation of this top-performing Hunter control system, Centro Nacional de Golf gained access to a wide range of benefits for its course. The Pilot Control Network’s hydraulic model ensures precise water distribution by accounting for pipe diameters. This allows it to maximise efficiency and greatly reduce water waste. The included UHF communication capabilities enable gradual installation from the furthest points of the course while simplifying fieldwork, troubleshooting, and overall management. By eliminating the need for extensive cabling, the system also delivers significant cost savings for installation and maintenance. Additionally, the watering plan generated by the software is stored in each of the course’s 25 strategically placed controllers as a reliable fail-safe.

The Result

As a result of the installation, the Centro Nacional de Golf team can now precisely control each sprinkler on the course. This allows them to optimise water usage, reduce environmental impact, and successfully bolster their efforts to accommodate their 2030 agenda for sustainability. By adopting this cutting-edge irrigation system, the Royal Spanish Golf Federation, in partnership with Centro Nacional de Golf, has also further demonstrated its inherent commitment to innovation.

With the unparalleled power, versatility, and precision of the Pilot Control Network, Centro Nacional de Golf has gained access to wireless communication, efficient water management capabilities, and the superior control needed to ensure its course remains healthy and playable for years to come. The resounding success of the project has ultimately helped pave the way for future golf course managers to embrace this innovative irrigation solution.