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Landscape Application:
Temperature Range:
6 - 32 degrees Celsius
760 m
Brazil Designs with Hunter Efficiency at the Commerce Social Services Building in Sao Paulo

The project consists of 4500 m2 of irrigated area, there are 1500 m2 of Green Walls, 500 m2 of green roofs and 2500 m2 of regular landscape. The green wall irrigation system has 8 zones in the inside system and 14 zones in the outside installation. The regular landscape has 16 zones and the green roofs, 4. The total system has 42 zones using such Hunter products as the ACC Controller, X-Core, PGV Valves, Accu-Sync, Solar Sync, ET System, Pro-Sprays and MP Rotators.

The Challenge

Rooftop conditions can be challenging when specifying and designing an irrigation system. Prevailing winds and rooftop micro climates can make it very difficult to irrigate effectively. On this particular site native grasses and wall lined plantings are not only helping to insulate building walls but also to create an eye settling environment for building employees.

Keeping the human resources to a minimum, the Hunter ET System accounted for micro climates and provides efficient run times and schedules applying water at a natural rate.

The Solution

MP Rotators are always a good place to start when trying to combat wind issues. The powerful water streams cut through wind delivering water from corner to corner consistently.

Hunter's PGV valve allows for pressure regulation with the Accu Sync. MP Rotators are most effective when regulated to 2.8 bar, at a valve level a AS-40 was specified and with a simple valve addition the zone was regulated.

The Result

Properly insulated buildings means cost savings on cooling during Brazil's smoldering summers. Public spaces lined with green walls makes for a peaceful sound absorbing environment keeping employees happy and healthy.

A complex system like this requires many tools working together to run properly without wasting water. From the ACC and ET Sensor combination for the larger system to the residential sized X-Core and Solar Sync combination for the smaller system, Hunter outfitted this system across the board.