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Landscape Application:
2 Ha
Temperature Range:
2-30 C
Superior Arc Edges on the MP Rotator Preserve Marseilles Monuments

With more than 9,000 sq meters of perfectly groomed turf featuring a central Egyptian monument, the Mazargues War Memorial could not afford to have any stones discolored by irrigation. After witnessing the poor performance of competitor nozzles that created heavy staining on the monuments, Superintendent Bruno Mounfort called on the MP Rotator for its accurate arc patterns.

The Challenge

It was imperative to Mounfort to keep water off the stones and on the turf. Previous spray nozzles were too imprecise and also led to substantial run-off and pooling. He also needed to balance the watering demands during the summer with his need to conserve water. In addition, all valves were in need of replacing.

The Solution

The combination of the MP Rotator, ACC controller, and ET System keeps watering to a minimum while keeping turf thriving during the hot Marseilles summers. With the ET, watering is perfectly adjusted to suit the weather conditions, watering only as much as necessary, and only when needed. MP Rotators installed on the pressure regulated PRS40 Pro Spray bodies provide an ideal 10 mm/hr to the turf. Most importantly the crisp edges and accurate arc adjustment on the MP Rotator keeps water off the stones and on the grass.

The ICV with Filter Sentry guarantees that any water supplied to the system will not affect the opening and closing of valves. The Filter Sentry scours the valve's filter clean with a wiper that slides up and covers the entire screen when the valve opens. Additionally, the wiper continues to scrub the filter's upper part during valve operation.

The Result

Mazargues is a great example of the combination of strengths possible with Hunter commercial products. ACC and ICV Flow Sentry valves with pressure regulated Pro-Sprays and MP Rotators creates an efficient system that saves water, dollars, and preserves history.