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Landscape Application:
1500 sq. ft
Traditional Spray Nozzles to MP Rotators
MP Rotators Win Jobs on More than Just Water Savings

The savings involved with using MP Rotators goes far beyond water. MP Rotators also save money in the form of materials and labor as well, which, as any contractor knows, can make or break a bid for a job. The following is a bid comparison between designing with traditional spray nozzles and designing with MP Rotators

The Challenge

One job site was submitted for two separate bids from a landscape contractor. The first bid utilized traditional spray nozzles, and the second bid featured a system based on Hunter's MP Rotators. All materials and cost of labor were included in both bids.

The Solution

When taking into account all aspects of the site in need of a system, the total bid on the traditional nozzle system was over $4,000. Irrigating the same landscaped area with an MP Rotator-based system came in at 45% less, with a total cost of just $2,226.90.

The Result

The main reason the MP system saved so much money in the bid was because it uses far less overall materials, and therefore, requires far less labor to install. For example, the MP Rotator system required less than half the valves, 90% less mainline, and half the amount of stations when compared to the traditional spray nozzle system. The overall savings of designing with the MP Rotator prove that the benefits of this revolutionary innovation go far beyond conserving water.