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Landscape Application:
.6 Hectars
Temperature Range:
-1° - 33°C
45 m
MP Rotators Reduce Water Usage During Summer Months

Maintaining turf in a coastal region can be very difficult, particularly during the summer months. However, with the right components installed, homeowners can get green turf year round and save money by saving water.

The Challenge

The architects of the system at this decadent residence in Southern California took the hot summers into account, and made sure that head to head coverage existed throughout the turf zones. Hunter's MP Rotator, an industry leader in matched precipitation, provides the turf with just the right amount of water to combat the heat waves that hit the Southern California coast in the summer.

The Solution

Working alongside Chris Roesink of Hunter's Southern California sales team, Landscape architect Marty Schmidt of Environs Landscape Architecture, used pressure regulated Pro-Spray bodies with a variety of MP Rotators. Matched Precipitation made it easy to mix and match different nozzle outputs in each zone. Kidney curves and dramatic hard scape mixed into the turf would typically cause problems when using fixed spray nozzles. The flexibility of each MP Rotator's arc control helped dial in the tight curves and keep the outer perimeter turf as green as the grass around the heads.

The Result

As this was a summer home for the owners, the turf needed to be in supreme shape throughout the year's hottest months. The residents can't say enough about how amazing the turf looks for the few months they get to escape the hustle and bustle of their home city. Hunter's Mini-Clik also ensures no water will be wasted during the rare rains the region sees. Root Zone Watering Systems work to maximize water usage at each tree's root level while MP Rotators keep the turf looking consistently green in the simmering California sun.