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Landscape Application:
1.25 hectares
Temperature Range:
702 m
Overcoming Electricity and Space Challenges During a Fast-Tracked Municipal Project with Proven Irrigation Solutions

Historic St. Patrick’s Cemetery, also known as Kenmore Cemetery, lies in the quaint city of Goulburn in New South Wales, Australia. Founded in 1889, the grounds were expanded in May 2002 to include a lawn and headstone section on the western side of the century-old chapel. Though a portion of the lands are retained by the local Catholic Church, the entirety of the grounds are maintained by the Goulburn Mulwaree Council.

The Challenge

To maintain the peaceful landscape of the cemetery, the council hired water management firm Irrigear Goulburn to design and install a state-of-the-art irrigation system in May 2020. Contractors faced several hurdles during the planning and installation phases of the irrigation system.

A lack of power on-site meant irrigation had to be automated without tapping into an electrical connection. The project also called for extensive pipework that required precision trenching to install. Sprinklers and valves needed to be placed within narrow easements between graves. Roughly 20 cm wide, the previously surveyed and pegged easements dictated sprinkler size and spacing. Lastly, the 1.25-hectare job had to be completed within a five-week timeframe, with work scheduled around funerals.

The Solution

Project planners designed 13 zones for the irrigation system using a combination of proven  Hunter products. To ensure effective water management without electricity, designers specified two stainless steel, solar-powered XC Hybrid controllers for the job. Built-in solar panels eliminated the need for electrical or battery power by harnessing the sun’s energy to fully power the controller 24/7. This eco-conscious feature reduced costs while offering an environmentally-friendly solution.

Next, the designers paired the controllers with heavy-duty PGV-201 valves featuring DC-latching solenoids. Using quick bursts of energy to operate, PGV-201 valves are highly reliable and efficient — making them the perfect choice for the cemetery's serene environment.

Irrigear also installed 90 pressure-regulated I-20 rotors. Designed for large turf areas, the dependable and versatile I-20 rotor is ideal for the project’s expansive lawn area. As an added benefit, its stainless steel riser also provides extra durability to ensure long-term performance.

The Result

Thanks to highly reliable and efficient Hunter products, the design team fast-tracked this project despite the challenges identified during planning. After the design phase, installation progressed rapidly with minimal roadblocks. System testing and the transition to council staff went smoothly.

Goulburn Mulwaree Council members were thrilled that the project finished on time and within budget, and the community continues to enjoy the system’s enduring performance today. This project serves as a stellar example of how versatile Hunter products can solve any irrigation challenge.