Terralta Country Club
Monterrey, NLE

Site Profile

23 hectares of Golf related surfaces such as Fairways, roughs, greens
Temperature Range:
1 – 37° C ( 33 – 99° F)
1,200 m (3,937 ft)
A Natural Golf Stadium

Located in the mountain ranges of the Sierra Madre Oriental, Terralta is the newest destination for playing golf in Monterrey, the largest city in Northeast Mexico. This development represents a symbol of a renaissance for the a city. Terralta is just 20 minutes away from Monterrey and has become the perfect getaway to enjoy a good round of golf in an Arizona style setting. Terralta’s unique setting and design differentiates it as one of the top golf courses in Mexico.

The Challenge

As with any new golf course construction project, there are many challenges.  Specific to the irrigation system, Terralta’s investment group had a clear set of requirements that must be met:   
a)    Top class equipment that optimizes water use while maintaining great playing conditions. 
b)    A phased expansion type solution to help manage cash flow versus one that required a huge initial investment
c)    Local support including product knowledge and training.


The Solution

Hunter and Promotora de Riego, the local distributor, proposed a control system based upon Pilot Decoder technology, which can easily be expanded as the project demands it. The selected gear-driven sprinkler models included the G880, G885 and a few G835 for short radius areas. All of the rotors would be in the Decoder-In-Head (DIH) configuration featuring Hunter's Total Top Serviceability (TTS) design.  TTS rotors keep disturbance of the playing surface at a minimum if maintenance is required.

Once installed and finalized, the project consisted of a Pilot Central Control System,  two Pilot Decoder Hubs, over 1,400 TTS Rotors, a Turf Weather Station and a couple of Maintenance radios.

The Result

Since the first day of seeding, the construction team was able to irrigate automatically with Hunter's irrigation and control system solution.  As the team moved forward hole by hole, they were able to successfully expand the system as needed by adding more rotors to the Decoder lines while controlling the grass growing needs.

It can be said that Hunter's golf irrigation solution easily surpassed the requirements set forth by the directive team. Not only were the minimun requirements met but other benefits were realized such as a minimized number of field controllers, an extended warranty by using the recommended HSJ Hunter swing joints, a stock of replacements parts and more.