ACC2 - Operating The Controls

ACC2 has a simple control panel with unique operating features.


1 The dial is used to rotate through selections and then pushed to select, or to enter information.


2 To the right of the LCD display are 4 “soft” keys. Their functions will change with each menu selection, as shown in the ACC2 display.


3 Back always goes back up a level from the current menu selection.


4 Home will always return you to the Home screen view.


Home screen shows the status of the controller, including anything currently running in the field. When in the Home screen, the bottom soft key is called Main Menu, and this takes you to all programming and setup functions.

From the Main Menu button, you may enter the setup menus for all ACC functions. Turn the dial to view the main menus, and press the dial to select one of them. Then, use the dial to select the items within that menu. Press to select one.

Once you’ve entered a programming screen, use the dial to navigate through all the fields of information. Press to select one, rotate to see the choices or to enter numbers or letters, and press to select.

Press Home at any time to return to the top level, or to navigate to other functions.

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