Display Messages on VSX/IDS Field Controllers


No display: Check power connections. It's possible the fuse on the power supply board (PSB) has blown, and the controller will not power up until it has been replaced. The fuse is an AGC, 3 amp, fast-blow only.

OVERLOAD! ### (where ### is a station number): The VSX Field Controller is equipped with automatic Overload protection to prevent damage to the transformer. This message indicates that a station or stations caused the internal current monitoring electronics to trip, and turn off all stations that were running.

When VSX detects an overload condition it stops all stations currently running, and then attempts to restart whatever should be running, every 30 seconds. It will continue this until the overload condition is no longer detected. The last station to have caused an overload is displayed (###) in the message. Pressing the ‘CLEAR’ key will clear this message. If the overload occurs while you are present at the controller, you can press CLEAR to force the controller to immediately try to restart, without waiting for the 30-second timer. Generally, overloads are caused by too many stations activated at once, or faulty solenoids or wiring in field devices (valves and VIH sprinklers). Clearing the display does not solve the problem. You should inspect the field solenoids and wiring if this is a recurring problem.

POWER OUTAGE: This indicates that power has been lost in the recent past. Pressing the ‘CLEAR’ key will clear this message.


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