Mini-Weather Station Installation Instructions


The three sensors combined on this product are for wind speed, rainfall and temperature (near-freezing conditions). Each sensor operates independently of the other; therefore, any or all of them may be switching at a given moment. See the separate product installation instructions for details on the Mini-Clik®, Wind-Clik® or Freeze-Clik® operation and settings. Use only the "mounting" details contained on this sheet.



The weather station is designed to mount on a post of 2"(50.8mm) PVC pipe. However, any combination of pipe and fittings can be used to tailor an installation. The enclosed "reducer" fitting has two purposes:

  1. It allows for the use of 1/2"(12.7mm) PVC pipe for shorter mounts.
  2. Screwed down onto surface (wood post or deck), it acts as a base for the weather station to fit onto.

Important: For most accurate temperature sensing, rotate the weather station so the thermostat portion points north.




With all Hunter controller installations the Green and Clear wires should be used.


The Mini-Weather Station connects directly to the SRC. This allows you to easily override the sensor by using the RUN (BYPASS SENSOR) position on the dial.

  1. Route the wires from the Mini-Weather Station up through the same opening used for valve wiring.
  2. Connect one wire to the RS terminal and other to the C terminal (See Figure 1).
  3. Connect the valve common to the RS terminal.

X-Core, Pro-C, PCC, ICC, I-Core

The Mini-Weather Station connects directly to the Pro-C or ICC. This allows you to easily override the sensor by using the Sensor switch on the front panel.

  1. Remove the jumper from the two "SEN" terminals.
  2. Route the wires from the rain sensor up through the same conduit opening used for valve wiring.
  3. Connect one wire to the terminal labeled "SEN" and the other wire to the other "SEN" terminal (See Figure 2).


Additional Wiring Procedures (non-Hunter controllers)

All three sensors are electrically connected in a series, so only two wires need to be used to connect to the irrigation controller. Use the green and silver (clear insulation) wires to hook up to normally-closed (NC) logic situations (See Figure 3).

Follow the wiring instructions in any of the separate sensor manuals, or place the two wires on the controller's "sensor input" screw terminals if available (See Figure 4).

For extending wires, use wire 18AWG or heavier.

Note: For controllers with normally-open sensor inputs (most Toro models), use the Green and Blue wires.



Mini Weather Station Brochure
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