Revolving Messages on a VSX and IDS Field Controller


The first practice in troubleshooting “Revolving Messages” is press the CLEAR button 3 times to remove old invalid messages. When a message is generated, it will continue to be present even if the error has internally corrected. This is by design to inform the user that there is/was a controller incident.

Note: When the term “CLEAN” is stated below, power down the controller and use a soft toothbrush and alcohol to gently break away deposits.

(Image Needed: boards identified)

POWER OUTAGE - This message will appear when incoming 120v is interrupted or the controller is powered down.  The POWER OUTAGE message is usually generated within .5 seconds.

Solution-Press the CLEAR button 3 times


ERROR: SIZE = 0 and FUSE OPEN – These messages appear in juxtaposition. Don’t be confused with the term “Fuse Open”.  The only circuit with a fuse is located on the Decoder Power Supply Board (VKTPSB2) and when it’s blown, the Facepack will NOT have a display. The Decoder CPU Board (VCPUKT) is the cause of failure.

Solution - Power down the controller, check all cables connected to the CPU Board for damage/corrosion (clean if necessary). Exercise each connection by removing and re-installing 5 times. Power up and press the CLEAR button 3 times. If messages still appear, replace the CPU Board.      

* The CPU Board stores the Decoder ID #'s. It’s always advised to record the ID #’s BEFORE removing Original CPU Board.


LINE OFF : 0mA - There are 2 situations which cause this Message to generate.

1. The system of Decoders attached to the controller by way of the 2-Wire Path(s) is creating higher than normal resistance >2200mA.

* When the controller senses >2200mA, the voltage supplied to the 2-Wire Path is interrupted until the mA falls below 2200.  This explains the term “LINE OFF”. Normal amperage draw from each idle decoder is 5mA. If a station is active on a decoder, the current will rise to 40mA.

2. The Grey RJ45 (Ethernet) Cable is disconnected, damaged or corroded.

Solution for 1 - Remove the connection from the Decoder Lightning/Output Board (VLPTKT) to the Decoder Transmitter Board (VTRNSKT).  This will electronically disconnect the entire Decoder System in the field from the controller. Press the CLEAR button 3 times, wait 10 seconds. Then check messages and make sure mA is now less then 2200. If 0mA is still displayed, call Hunter Technical Services at 800-733-2823.

(Image needed: location of red connector wire identified)

Solution for 2 - Examine cable for damage or corrosion. Clean or replace cable.

*The cable is not nulled so you can replace with any standard RJ45 Cable.


LINE ON : 0mA - This is a very rare instance. This message is generated when the short cable coming from the CPU Board to the Transmitter Board is disconnected, corroded, and/or damaged. Or the CPU Board has internal damage from a power surge.

Solution - Clean or Replace the CPU Board   

* Use caution when performing any tasks pertianing to the CPU board.


NO NETWORK LINK- This message is generated when Radio Communication Components are installed (optional).

Solution - Press the OPTIONS button until EDIT FC SETTINGS appears, press ENTER. Press the OPTIONS again until SET RESPONSE appears, press ENTER. Using your NEXT button to highlight choices, select NONE. Press EXIT, and then ENTER. Use the EXIT button to return to Time/Date Screen.


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