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The CYCLE & SOAK feature allows you to split a station’s runtime into shorter watering periods. The shorter watering periods will help prevent runoff in situations like slopes or tight soils. It is recommended that the CYCLE time is less than the station’s watering time, and the SOAK time for the water to be absorbed. The total number of cycles is determined by taking the total programmed station run time and dividing it by the CYCLE time (e.g., see chart below).


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Irrigação Residencial em 10 passos.

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Dial to the Devices menu, and select Clik Sensors for basic Hunter "Clik" sensors.

To set up a sensor, click the box for Enable Sensor.

The ACC2 sensor inputs are already configured as Normally Closed, but this can be changed for other types of contact closure sensor inputs to Normally Open.

It is also possible to enter a name for individual sensors.


After connecting a Solar Sync sensor to the controller, set up operation in the Devices, Solar Sync menu.


After connecting one or more flow sensors to the controller, the next step is to configure the sensor in the FLOW SENSORS menu. The controller has three Flow Sensor inputs built in, but three more can be added with the A2C-F3 Flow Expansion module. ACC2 Decoder versions may also read flow via the two-wire path when flow sensors are connected to ICD-SEN sensor decoders.


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Controladores Wi-Fi Hydrawise

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This section provides troubleshooting tips and answers to frequently asked questions that will be helpful when using the ICC2 and ACC2 Controllers with the Centralus Irrigation Management Platform.

Why are we receiving a SERIAL NUMBER IN USE message?

What are my PRICING OPTIONS when using the A2C-LTE Module?

How do I SHARE my controller with a customer?


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Controladores Padrão

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Telhados e Paredes Verdes

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