Certified Irrigation Professionals - Page 4

A schedule (program) needs 3 things for the controller to run automatically.

  • START TIME for the program.
  • RUN TIME for at least one station in that program.
  • DAY TO WATER for the program.

The NODE-BT controller has three programs (A, B, or C) for irrigation available.  Hunter controllers have multiple programs and the ability for each program to have multiple start times.

As an example, if you want to run separate stations (or zones) on different days, you would set up 2 different programs.


The DASHBOARD screen provides an overview of the programming within the app.  


Download the free Hunter NODE-BT app to a smartphone device from the iTunes® Store for iOS® devices, or the Google Play™ store for Android™ devices.


The NODE-BT controller offers an easy way to check the battery health of the actual controller without the use of a smartphone.

Press the physical BATTERY CHECK BUTTON on NODE-BT controller and the battery indicator LED flashes green or red.

4 green blinks = 100% - 76% Excellent

3 green blinks = 75% - 51% Good

2 green blinks = 50% - 31% Low

1 green blink = 30 – 20% Poor

1 red blink = 0% - 19% (Replace 9V alkaline batteries)


The Cycle and Soak feature allows you to split a station’s run time into more usable, shorter watering durations. This feature is useful when applying water to slopes and tight soils because it automatically applies water more slowly, helping to prevent runoff from occurring. You should enter the Cycle time as a fraction of the station's watering time, and the Soak time as the minimum number of minutes required before watering can occur again for the next Cycle. The total number of cycles is determined by taking the total programmed station run time and dividing it by the Cycle time.


Below is a chart indicating the maximum wire runs that can be used when installing Hunter AC solenoids and valves.


The base model of HCC is supplied with an ICM-800 station output module. The capacity of the controller is increased when new station modules are installed and recognized.

Standard ICM station modules are available in 4, 8, and 22 station sizes (ICM-400, ICM-800, ICM-2200). These may be added at any time after initial installation. 

Note: The ICM-2200 (22 Station module) should always  be installed in the last two module slots to make it compatible.


To improve Wi-Fi visibility to the router, we recommend using the Wi-Fi extension kit (model: WIFI-EXT-KIT). This is not a signal booster, but an option to get the antenna closer to the router. Going around corners, through obstructions, or just reducing the distance are appropriate applications for this product.

The extension kit comes with two separate cables and mounting hardware to install in ¾" conduit. The thicker cable provides a 9' extension, while the thinner cable is 3.5' in length.


Here is a list of the error messages and ways to troubleshoot them:


The Pro-C controller is supplied with a base 4-station module. The Pro-C is also compatible with the EZ Decoder System (EZDS) for hybrid conventional and two-wire operations. Add a Pro-C Decoder Module (PC-DM) to enable control for up to 32 total stations. This system uses the same EZ-1 decoders used with ICC2 and HCC controllers.