White Horse Golf Course...
White Horse Golf Course...
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Regulating pressure saves water and extends the life of the irrigation system. Water savings is achieved by operating each zone at the best pressure for that equipment and application type. Accu-Sync ensures that every zone in every system stays in check for maximum water savings and longevity.


  • Solenoid Adapter PN (253500)



After setting up an ACC2 controller in your Centralus account, you may choose to release the controller (serial number) to another user. This will require the controller's deletion, so it's important to make sure the controller is updated to the most recent firmware. The firmware 4.10 has a feature called "Conflict Resolution" that notifies the user of schedule settings that differ between the software and the controller in the field. When the NEW user adds the controller into the Centralus software, they will immediately choose the desired programming (software or field).


The water stream's trajectory and spray height leaving a sprinkler nozzle is important information when designing and installing irrigation systems. The chart below will show the total feet of height when using the largest nozzle for the ST-1600 and ST-1700 models.



The CUSTOM IMAGE feature allows the user to add an image from their existing phone library or the option to take a new one. This is a useful tool when you have multiple controllers/stations on-site to identify locations.

NOTE: The app version 5.0.1869 or later is required to access this feature.


The EZ-DT is a handheld, battery-operated device used for field diagnostics and troubleshooting with EZ Decoder Systems. Innovative wireless communication from the EZ-DT to EZ-1 decoders permits fault detection in the field without removing the decoders from the two-wire path. Quickly and easily retrieve a decoder's status, station address, current draw, and voltage on the two-wire path. EZ-DT can also be used to program station addresses into EZ-1 decoders via the red and blue wired connection to the decoder.


Native plant restoration projects and subsurface drip irrigation systems often require temporary overhead watering to support delicate plants. To simplify temporary irrigation, two preassembled stake kits are available for use with high-efficiency MP Rotator nozzles. 



The NODE-BT app offers a COPY/PASTE SCHEDULE feature that allows users to create specific irrigation schedules (e.g., start times, run times, water days) and quickly import them into additional controllers as needed. Use this helpful tool to save time when you have multiple controllers on-site that require the same schedule. With a few clicks, you can create and import a schedule that will be saved to a list within your app. To access this tool, see the instructions below.


The MANAGE SUBSCRIPTIONS feature will allow you to access monthly service plan information on any ACC2 controller that is connected using the LTE cell module. For this setup, the LTE communication module (PN - A2C-LTE) is required for the ACC2 controller.

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