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Below is a chart indicating the maximum wire runs that can be used when installing Hunter AC solenoids and valves.


The CLIK DELAY option is designed to set number of days for watering to remain off, after sensor has been activated and restored.


The trajectory and spray height of the water stream leaving a sprinkler nozzle is important information when designing and installing irrigation systems.  These spray nozzle trajectory charts are designed to help determine how close a sprinkler can be placed to an object such as a fence or hedge without obstructing the spray pattern. All information shown is at optimum operating pressures.

A = Degrees of trajectory

B = Max Height of Spray

C = Distance from head to Maximum Height


If water is leaking from the vacuum breaker portion, then there could be debris in the anti-siphon poppet.  This would prevent the valve from sealing completely.  The cap can easily be removed by twisting counterclockwise to inspect the internal poppet area.


Für Tropfberegnungssysteme von Hunter empfehlen wir Regulierungs- und Filtrationssysteme für alle privaten und gewerblichen Anwendungen. Für Tropfberegnungssysteme mit BTT empfehlen wir die Verwendung des Hunter HFR-075-25 oder HFR-075-40. Diese Filter werden direkt auf 19 mm (3/4") Schlauchgewinde installiert und das BTT wird am Ende des Filtersystems für Filtration und einem geregelten Druck von 25 oder 40 PSI installiert.