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For drip irrigation systems using BTT, we recommend using regulation and filtration systems on all residential and commercial applications. Filters shall install directly on BTT's 3/4" hose thread outlet and connect to drip tubing providing regulated PSI.

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Choose from the links below for troubleshooting your BTT controller.


The Accu-Sync compares the pressure on the top side of the diaphragm (main water supply pressure) to the downstream pressure.  Pressure is adjusted by the unit forcing the diaphragm downward until the desired pressure is achieved.  The Accu-Sync automatically adjusts to main water supply pressure changes.  To properly set the dynamic pressure (running pressure) on the lateral line with Accu-Sync installed, we recommend doing so using our MP Guage on the last head of the line.  You can purchase a Hunter MP Gauge Assembly (shown below at farthest head) to accurately check the pressure. See i


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