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A reliable, waterproof, battery-operated controller with soil moisture sensing capabilities that can be programmed from a smartphone is the landscape professional’s ideal solution for sites that lack an electrical connection.

For over 15 years, the highly popular SVC and NODE products from Hunter Industries provided automatic irrigation for: Construction sites, Greenhouses, Highway landscapes, Traffic medians, Roundabouts, LEED buildings, Green roofs, Mitigation projects, Nurseries, Parks, and Temporary irrigation applications

Now, we are happy to build on the reliability and high-quality performance of this product family to introduce NODE-BT, a Bluetooth enabled, wireless valve controller.

Professional contractors and landscape maintenance crews can use a smartphone installed with the convenient Hunter NODE-BT multi language app up to 50 feet (15 m) away to quickly and efficiently set controller schedules, manually operate or suspend irrigation, configure rain or soil sensors, and view battery health — all without opening the valve box. Better yet, GPS technology via smartphone allows new crewmembers to locate controllers on sites they’ve never managed before.

NODE-BT programs easily, just like standard X-Core and Pro-C controllers. It offers three programs with eight start times each and run times from 1 second to 12 hours, which make it suitable for any plant type. Watering choices include Monday through Sunday, Odd or Even, and interval days with days remaining.

NODE-BT is available in single-, two-, or four-station IP68 rated waterproof models, operating Hunter DC-latching solenoids with a maximum valve-to-controller distance of 100 feet (30 m). 1 or 2 9V alkaline batteries power NODE-BT in a redesigned battery compartment without battery snaps, and batteries last up to one full season, reducing the need for maintenance. DC solenoids always unlatch when batteries are depleted.

NODE-BT advanced features include:

• Secure passcode protection for each controller, preventing unintended schedule changes

• The ability to assign images to stations and rename controllers, programs, and stations for quick identification; and

• The ability for users to see the last battery-change date and controller irrigation logs for maintenance convenience and quicker system diagnostics

NODE-BT includes Cycle and Soak by station, which eliminates runoff if used on slopes, high-traffic areas, or small side strips.

Seasonal adjustment by month changes station run times to conserve water during the winter and fall seasons. Delay between stations provides a gap between a station end and new station start time, allowing a set period for slow-closing valves or pump recharge.

Attach a Hunter Mini-Clik or Rain Clik rain sensor to shut down irrigation when weather conditions dictate and add an SC-PROBE for soil-moisture sensing to stop irrigation when the soil is too wet. This is a perfect solution for LEED buildings, greenhouses, and commercial projects.

With NODE-BT, scheduled maintenance is easier than ever before! The in-app dashboard displays the current controller status, the next station start time, and total watering times, cumulatively or by program.

NODE-BT also has built-in manual station Start and Stop buttons and a battery-check button that flashes green or red to indicate battery health, speeding up valve maintenance without the need to dirty a smartphone.

NODE-BT includes a protective rubber cover, a tray holder for use with Hunter DC solenoids and a 5-in-1 mounting adapter for retrofits that can mount to PVC pipe, valve boxes, and flat surfaces in vertical or horizontal placements.

With Hunter NODE-BT, there’s no longer a need to reach inside the valve box, connect a short-range field transmitter, or manually enter data on a small, shadowy screen. Compatible Bluetooth enabled smartphones communicate with NODE-BT from a distance to make programming more efficient, safe, and comfortable.

Combined with the user-friendly operating features, there’s no battery-powered controller on the market that’s easier to program. Plus, with all installed components hidden safely underground and out of view, only the NODE-BT is truly vandal-resistant. Learn more at

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