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Hydrawise App: Weather Forecast and Observations
Forecast and Observations will show you all your weather information, providing a forecast for today and the next six days, using highly accurate
Hydrawise App: Menu Navigation
In this video, we will identify the different parts of the menu to better assist in your navigation through the app.
Hydrawise App: Suspend Zone
Suspending zones stops irrigation on that part of the system temporarily, with an automatic return to irrigation on a date you choose. This is helpful
Hydrawise App: Turn Controller Off
Turning a controller off from the app stops all scheduled watering and prevents any irrigation from occurring until it is turned back on in the app
Hydrawise App: Add or Renew Subscription Plan
The Hydrawise irrigation system is made free for users worldwide. But for customers who want to further optimize their system, or provide management
Hydrawise App: Your Notifications
A program will show you when, where, and how long to water. It's helpful to break up your watering into different programs that water similar types of
Hunter Golf - 2015 Golf Show: Pilot Field Controller
Learn about the Hunter Pilot Field Controller, including the facepack display features, hardwired and radio communication options, an overview of the
Hunter Golf - 2015 Golf Show: Pilot Decoder Hub
This overview of the Hunter Golf Pilot Decoder Hub walks through the robust facepack features, including how you can manually enter irrigation programs
How a Hunter Solenoid Works
An electric valve would not function without one very important part: the solenoid. Let’s take a look at this critical component and the role it plays
Preparing your work truck for Hunter valve troubleshooting and replacement
Having everything you need on hand to effectively troubleshoot and fix valve issues in the field can save you both time and money. In this video, we’ll
How to Replace a Manual Zone Valve and Add a Hunter NODE-BT Bluetooth® Battery-Operated Controller
In this video, we’ll show you how to replace a manual zone valve and add a Hunter NODE-BT Bluetooth® Battery-Operated Controller. Converting an old
How to Replace an Old or Obsolete Irrigation Valve That is Not Working
In this video, we’ll show you how to replace a valve that is not working or needs updating with a new Hunter PGV Valve. It’s common to receive a service
Troubleshooting a slow closing irrigation control valve
The speed at which a valve closes can be deceiving. When you’re in a hurry to see a result, a few seconds can seem much longer than they actually are
Troubleshooting a leaking irrigation control valve
An irrigation valve that leaks can be a huge water-waster. Slow leaks can be especially problematic because they’re often hard to spot.
Troubleshooting an Irrigation Valve That Won't Turn Off
An irrigation valve that won’t close can quickly cause major problems like overwatering, flooding, runoff to adjacent properties, and water waste. It’s
Troubleshooting an Irrigation Valve That Won't Turn On
Irrigation valves are complex products that can be intimidating to install and maintain. When a valve isn’t turning on as expected, it’s a concern for
How to Install and Adjust the Accu Sync® Pressure Regulator
In this video, we will show you how to install and adjust an Accu Sync® Pressure Regulator. Pressure regulation at the valve maximizes irrigation
Tuning an Irrigation Valve Using Flow Control
Tuning an Irrigation Valve Using Flow Control Like any car, boat, or motorcycle, valves require periodic tune-ups to perform at their best. It’s easy to
Understanding How a PGV Irrigation Control Valve Works, PGV-101G
External Components of a Valve Internal Components of a Valve What keeps a valve closed? What causes a valve to open? What happens to cause an open
Hands-on valve parts ID and reassembly PGV-101, PGV-151, ICV-201
In this video, we’ll identify the parts that make up three of Hunter’s most popular irrigation valves — and then reassemble each one to better
Pro-C® P2C-400 Controller: Controller Programming Concepts
If you’re new to irrigation controllers, it’s important to understand the terms used before you attempt to create a watering program. In this video, we
Pro-C® P2C-400 Controller: Controller Components
The Pro-C® P2C-400 Controller includes simplified programming and flexible station expansion, making it a great choice for residential and light
Pro-C® P2C-400 Controller: Hunter Clik Weather Sensor Installation and Manual Sensor Bypass
In this video, you’ll learn how to connect a Hunter Clik Sensor to a Pro-C ® P2C-400 Controller.
Pro-C® P2C-400 Controller: Solar Sync Sensor Installation and Setup
In this video, you’ll learn how to connect and set up a Solar Sync® Sensor on a Pro-C® P2C-400 Controller. Follow along to learn how to install the