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ROAM XL Operation
This video covers the overall operation of the Hunter ROAM XL remote.
Extending the Hunter SmartPort
This video covers the SmartPort connector that is wired to terminals on the controller. It allows quick connection to any Hunter remote.
Turning on multiple stations with ROAM and ROAM XL remote
If you have the water capacity and you want to turn on more than one station at a time, you can use your ROAM or ROAM XL remote control.
Hunter ROAM with ICR
This video shows you how you can use your Hunter ROAM XL transmitter with an existing ICR receiver.
Hunter ROAM remote QuickStart
This video shows you how to get up and running with some quick start features for your Hunter ROAM remote.
Roam Remote Control Programming
This video provides an overview on how to set up and operate your Roam remote control including how to turn on and off stations as well as changing
Smart Irrigation Retrofit with Hunter and Ahmed Hassan
Landscape contractor Ahmed Hassan crashes a backyard that leaves the homeowners elated and retrofits this backyard using Hunter Irrigation's water