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With the next-generation X2 controller from Hunter Industries, you don’t have to choose between Wi-Fi and dial-based management. X2 lets you keep your traditional programming style or upgrade to optional industry-leading Hydrawise Wi-Fi control for a seamless remote management experience.

The highly reliable and efficient X2 builds on the legacy of its predecessor, the popular X-Core, with tremendous water management capabilities, especially for residential landscapes. Homebuilders, landscape contractors, maintenance contractors, and homeowners choose X2 for its dial-based controller design and upgradeable smart features for water conservation and system alerts. With the option to be 21st-century smart with the purchase of a simple plug-in WAND Wi-Fi module, X2 brings the benefits of Hydrawise software: local weather adjustments with Predictive Watering to save up to 50% on water bills, remote scheduling, manual start and stop, zone suspension, voice-activated control with Amazon Alexa smart home systems, controller status alerts, and management from desktop or mobile devices.

The outdoor-rated X2 is available in 4-, 6-, 8-, or 14-station models with a built-in 5' (1.5 m) cord and plug. Install a rain sensor for instant shutoff during rain events. WAND adds the power of virtual Solar Sync technology, which replaces the need for an on-site ET sensor. The software detects the controller’s location and makes precise automatic adjustments to meet landscape requirements.

Simple offline programming has not changed from X-Core to X2. Programming includes the same 3 programs with 4 start times per program, but run times have increased to 6 hours — perfect for areas with watering restrictions. The simple Hunter setup, robust dial, and easy-to-use buttons give confidence to veteran contractors as well as newer users. Reading data is easier than ever before on the larger LCD screen, which is backlit for added convenience in low-light areas. Hunter’s key controller benefits are all included with X2: Easy Retrieve™ memory for full program backup, Delay Between Stations for slow-closing valves, Short Circuit Protection to skip faulty stations without damaging the system, Hide Programs for simplification, Seasonal Adjustment for watering percentage adjustments throughout the year, and Cycle and Soak for runoff elimination.

Mounting and connecting field wires is simple, thanks to a molded-in conduit receptacle in the wiring compartment. Simply add pipe and pass the wires through — that’s all there is to it. X2 is available with a hasp hole that will accommodate nearly all padlock models for maximum system protection.

Utilizing advanced wireless technology, Hunter has the simplest method to connect to your controller via the smartphone app. The WAND Wi-Fi module includes LEDs that display the internet connectivity status. Additional benefits of X2 include the ability for maintenance professionals to continue using ROAM or ROAM XL remotes, push-button manual operation at the controller, and turn the controller off with the dial position even when schedules are set from the cloud. If the WAND is ever removed, the controller will automatically revert to the programming in place before WAND was installed.

The revolutionary and cost-effective X2 opens an exciting new chapter in the future of irrigation management. X2 is the best choice for traditional dial control and is Hydrawise capable for ultimate water savings in any installation that requires 14 stations or fewer. Now that’s smart watering! Learn more at

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