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Wireless Rain-Clik - Battery Information

The battery in the Wireless Rain-Clik™ Transmitter is designed to operate for the life of the sensor by providing a sealed, maintenance-free design. The transmitter is available as a replacement part (WRCLIK-TR). Should you need to change the transmitter, the receiver will have to learn the new transmitter address. Learn more

IMPORTANT: The battery inside the transmitter is NOT replaceable. It is sealed with epoxy which allows it to be free of any future corrosion.

To perform a battery test on the transmitter, you must view the receiver status to check if there is communication between the transmitter and receiver. Use the guides below based on your receiver status to verify the battery life.

Check Battery (Red Receiver Sensor Status)

If the receiver sensor status light is red, follow the steps below:

  1. Reestablish the address between the transmitter and the receiver using instructions here.
  2. If the transmitter and receiver will not address, press and hold the quick response spindle on top of the transmitter for 10 seconds. If the LED light on the bottom of the transmitter flashes, perform Step 1 again. If the LED light does not flash, the battery in the transmitter most likely failed (see Replacement Information Section Info below). As a reminder, testing should only be performed when the sensor is completely dry.

  3. If the readdressing procedure worked, the battery in the transmitter is good.

IMPORTANT: ​The LED on the transmitter can be difficult to see or may not flash. This does not indicate a bad battery.

Check Battery (Green Receiver Sensor Status)

If the receiver Sensor Status light is green, the battery in the transmitter is good. Follow the steps below to verify communication with the transmitter and receiver:

  1. Verify there is communication with the transmitter and the receiver by pressing and holding the quick response spindle on top of the transmitter for 10 seconds. The Sensor Status on the receiver should change to (RED - Sensor is wet).
  2. Release the quick response spindle on the transmitter. The receiver Sensor Status should change back to (GREEN – Sensor is dry).
  3. If the receiver Sensor Status does not change, try readdressing the transmitter with the receiver. Learn more
Replacement Information

If the Wireless Rain Sensor transmitter needs replacement and the unit has a wire antenna (about 4"-5" inches long), you will need to replace both the sensor and the receiver with the WR-CLIK. The frequency changed with the solid style antenna. If the transmitter has this solid antenna, the replacement is the WRCLIK-TR. Warranty information can be found here.

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