July is Smart Irrigation month. It’s a great reminder that all of us in the irrigation industry should be doing all we can to create systems that use water as responsibly as possible. Here are some tips from Hunter that can help you do your part to conserve water.

Enhanced Processes

Design: Select the proper irrigation products for the landscaped area and plant material being used. Don’t forget to separate irrigation into zones that coincide with plant types that have similar watering requirements.

Installation: A water efficient irrigation system design should be followed by proper installation of system components.

Management: Have the irrigation controller scheduled properly for the right amount of time that each zone needs to operate based upon the type of plant material. Update the schedule for changes in local weather conditions.

Maintenance: Schedule periodic inspections with irrigation professionals to ensure proper system functioning, make repairs as needed, and update products when appropriate.

Proper Product Selection

Hunter offers a wide range of products for residential and commercial irrigation systems that are specifically designed to conserve water use and costs.

Solar Sync: An advanced weather sensor that conserves water by adjusting controllers daily based on local weather conditions. Solar Sync is compatible with Hunter’s full line of AC powered controllers

MP Rotator: Revolutionary multi-stream rotating nozzle that is proven to reduce water usage by 30% and immensely decrease run-off.

Pro-Spray PRS30 and PRS40: In-stem pressure regulators provide optimal operating performance. PRS30 regulates pressure to 30 PSI and is designed for use with standard spray nozzles. PRS40 regulates pressure to 40 PSI and is designed for use with the MP Rotator.

Accu-Sync: This unique product innovation provides both fixed and adjustable pressure regulation to any Hunter valve, achieving water savings by constantly maintaining the proper operating pressure for each zone.

Hunter Flow Sensor: Keeps track of site water use for irrigation as well as overflow protection in the event of pipe breakage or sprinkler damage.

Check Valve: An economical water-saver that eliminates low head drainage for sprinklers located on slopes.

Rain Sensors: Installing a rain sensor is the easiest way to ensure irrigation never occurs when it’s raining. Hunter’s Rain Clik, Mini-Clik, Mini-Weather Station, Solar Sync, and Wireless Solar Sync all provide system shut-off capabilities when rain is detected.