On Top of the World Communities
Ocala, FL
United States

Site Profile

Landscape Application:
Home Owners
Planned Community
Retail Shopping Center
13,000 Acres (5,261 hectares)
Temperature Range:
28°-36°F (-2°-2°C), 78°-92°F (26°-33°C)
20 ft (6 m)
Florida community saves water using Hunter's residential and commercial irrigation products.

As one of the premier 55+ active adult community in Florida, On Top of the World Communities is an award-winning, family owned building and land development company founded in 1947. Today, On Top of the World remains the oldest, privately owned land developer in the state of Florida. Spanning over 13,000 acres (5,261 hectares), the community features a variety of beautiful residential neighborhoods, six pools, three golf courses, and a large cultural center.

The On Top of the World team believes that the smart way to grow thriving landscapes is to create environmentally sound practices that ensure a sustainable future for its residents and future generations. By cultivating native landscapes that boast the natural beauty of the community, On Top of the World isn’t just providing good-looking backdrops for their homes, they are protecting natural resources while preserving the region’s unique beauty.

The Challenge

The community voluntarily participates in the Florida Water Star certification program, which addresses water conservation needs specific to the state. On Top of the World chooses to follow Florida Water Star criteria when developing residential, commercial, and community areas.

They also provide or encourage the use of ecologically sound landscaping practices as outlined by the University of Florida’s Florida Yards & Neighborhoods (FYN) Program, which helps homeowners reduce water pollution and conserve water resources.

Furthermore, the community has their own set of written irrigation standards which are designed to be in compliance with current local water authority restrictions.

With water conservation being an area of high importance to the On Top of the World team and its residents, they have a strict requirement for efficient irrigation products. All irrigation products installed in their communities must perform within their set of standards.

The Solution

In 2006, the team at On Top of the World was seeking an irrigation manufacturer that offered unsurpassed reliability and water savings potential, backed by a knowledgeable sales team and dependable warranty policy. They found that Hunter irrigation products not only met, but exceeded their expectations in these areas.

Over the past decade, On Top of the World has installed many of Hunter’s products, ranging from Pro-C Controllers®, MP Rotators®, and Solar Syncs® in residential applications to IMMS central control systems, ICV valves, and ACC Decoders in their commercial applications.        

The Result

Hunter products are delivering favorable water savings results in a variety of landscape applications. The community’s most recent project involved replacing a group of older residential controllers with Hunter’s I-Core controllers and Solar Sync ET/Rain/Freeze sensors. When paired with Hunter’s Solar Sync, the I-Core controller automatically adjusts runtimes daily based on local weather conditions. The results showed a year-over-year savings of 27% or more than 3 million gallons (11,356,236 liters) of water. The team is looking to repeat these results with at least 300 additional systems to save an estimated 8.8 million gallons (33,311,626 liters) of water annually.

On Top of the World has experienced positive results when using Hunter products. Phillip Hisey, Landscape Superintendent for On Top of the World Communities states, “Hunter products are great, and their customer support is second to none. Whenever there is a problem, I can have a Hunter representative on the phone that day. They also provide prompt onsite support and can have their products delivered to me through local distributors if needed.” 

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