ACC - Decoder Output Module Lights

The ADM-99 decoder output module has four status LEDs which can be helpful with setup and diagnostics. The replacement upper deck label is used to label these lights. Place the decoder light label over the controller deck lid windows, not directly on the ADM99. The holes in the replacement label should allow lights to shine through. The decoder label aligns with station numbers 5, 2, 12, and 9.

ADM99 Module Lights

Status Light Description
Decoder Fault
  • Blank (off): Normal
  • Solid Red: Prblem in the decoder output module
  • Blinking Red: A decoder is faulted, or a decoder fails to respond.
Module/Line Activity
  • Red at power up, then goes out
  • Blinks green when watering
  • Blinks Red when overloaded or short on path
  • Solid Red is a problem in the decoder output module
  • Green: Normal
  • Amber when communicating through programming port


Line Status
  • Solid Green: Normal (always check with no path connected)
  • Blinking Green or Off: Replace ADM99 decoder module

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