Point Source Emitters Installation

Hunter POINT-SOURCE EMITTERS apply water slowly and directly at the base of the plant to ensure every drop is put to efficient use. They are available in three convenient styles, including self-piercing ¼" barb, 10-32 threaded fitting, and ½" female pipe thread (FPT). All styles are available in flows of 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 4.0, and 6.0 GPH (see Model Chart). This wide range of flow rates offers you the flexibility to give individual plants and trees the right amount of water from single or multiple point-source drip emitters. They are also color-coded for fast flow identification and feature coined edges for easy gripping during installation. For full installation details, click here.


Self-Piercing Barb Installation

Self-Piercing Barb Emitters are to be installed on our Hunter Drip Line blank tubing. Learn more

  1. Using the Hemt multi-tool, insert a hole in the Blank drip tubing. This should be in the desired location near the plant or shrub.
  2. Push the Self-Piercing Barbed Emitter into the hole location by hand or using the opposite end of the Pocket Punch.
  3. Pull back on the Emitter to ensure proper installation.
  4. If desired, extend the opposite side of the Emitter with ¼" tubing. Learn more
  5. Turn the System On manually and inspect for leaks.


10-32 Threaded Installation

The 10-32 Threaded Emitters are best installed on our Hunter Rigid Riser line. Learn more

  1. Cut the Rigid Riser to length using our Hemt multi-tool or similar cutting device.
  2. Install Rigid Riser.
  3. Thread on the 10-32 Threaded Emitter at the end.
  4. Turn the System On manually and inspect for leaks.


½" Female Pipe Thread (FPT) Installation
  1. Cut the 1/2" Sch 80 Riser to length using a PVC cutting device.
  2. Install the Riser into the ground. Depending on the installation guidelines, this might be glued or threaded.
  3. Thread on the FPT Emitter at the end of the riser by turning clockwise until hand-tightened.
  4. Turn the System On manually and inspect for leaks.


Emitter Model Chart

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