Rotor - Shrub Staking Kit

The rotor staking kit is designed to stabilize the shrub rotor while installed above ground. This rotor accessory is predominately used on slopes, either with the lateral pipe on the surface or slightly below the surface.  Full installation details are provided at the bottom of this article for each application. The compatible models for this accessory are the PGP-00 and I-20-00. The kit part number is 463551SP.

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  1. Install the shrub rotor riser for your application per the attached installation details. This will be specific to the design of the system.
  2. Position the #4 rebar post (length as needed) parallel with the rotor assembly.
  3. Pound the post into the ground, so it sits 1-2" below the top of the riser.
  4. Slide Rotor Stake Kit sleave over the rebar.
  5. Fasten to the rotor using the included zip ties. Make sure zip ties are not obstructing the top turret rotation area of the rotor (one extra large zip tie is included).

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