RZWS - Existing Tree Installation

For installation of Root Zone Watering System with existing trees, follow the steps below.


Dig holes to desired diameter and depth. Each hole should be a minimum of 5 inches in diameter and the required depth to allow the RZWS unit to be installed flush with finished grade. RZWS units may be cut to depths not specifically offered.


Place units evenly spaced around the tree, located at half the distance between the trunk and the edge of the tree canopy. The required RZWS units will vary with tree watering requirements. Each tree should have a minimum of two RZWS units.


For RZWS models sold without internal hardware, add irrigation hardware as needed.


Attach each unit to the lateral line system.


Backfill the hole around RZWS units. In sandy soils, use a fabric filter sleeve to prevent soil infiltration. Hunter part number: RZWS SLEEVE.


Follow planting guidelines for specific tree species, and for local conditions.

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