SJ Swing Joint - Installation

Correctly installing the Hunter SJ Swing Joint can solve many challenges for new and existing irrigation systems. Sprinklers may not be at the correct height or you may want to install taller heads in your system. SJ Swing Joints provide a quick and easy way to install sprinklers to their proper height and position. SJ Swing Joints have additional swivel ells on both ends for simple installation and maintenance in any configuration. This unique design allows for a vertical PVC connection for easier servicing in the future. The information below includes all SJ Swing Joint models, common sprinkler head inlet sizes, installation steps, and a short video.



Model Chart

SJ-506½" threaded x 6" (15 cm) length
SJ-7506½" x ¾" threaded x 6" (15 cm) length
SJ-706¾" threaded x 6" (15 cm) length
SJ-512½" threaded x 12" (30 cm) length
SJ-7512½" x ¾" threaded x 12" (30 cm) length
SJ-712¾" threaded x 12" (30 cm) length

Sprinkler Body Inlet Sizes

SprinklerInlet Size
PS Ultra, Pro-Spray®½" Inlet
PGJ, SRM½" Inlet
PGP-ADJ, PGP® Ultra, I-20¾" Inlet

Installation Steps


Thread on the SJ Swing Joint to the PVC tee/elbow connection. This should be hand tightened using the soft self-sealing threads. Teflon® tape and glue are not required.


Thread on sprinkler head by turning clockwise until hand tightened.


Twist and turn the SJ Swing Joint to position the head. It can be turned in two different directions without causing any damage to the joint.


Adjust sprinkler height according to the installation guidelines. Backfill with soil.

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