WVS - Programmable Rain Off

This feature permits the user to stop all programmed watering for a designated period from 1 to 7 days. At the end of the programmable rain off period, the controller will resume normal automatic operation.


Setting Programmable Rain Off
  1. Press the button until the System Off icon and OFF is displayed. 
  2. Press the button and a 1 will be displayed. The 1 will be blinking at this point.
  3. Press the button as many times as needed to set the number of days off desired (up to 7).
  4. Press the button once. The number of days off will stop flashing.
  5. Squeeze the Transmit/Receive button once to move to communication mode.
  6. Use the and buttons to make sure the arrow is pointed towards the WVC indicating Transmit mode.
  7. Squeeze and hold the Transmit/Receive button. The WVP will beep twice indicating the command is being sent to the WVC. It will beep twice again to indicate that the WVC has received the command.

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